Saturday, June 4, 2011

Satya Jewelry: A Secret Strength

Designer and co-founder of Satya Jewlery, Beth and I 
I'm an arts & crafts junkie. Especially when it come to making jewelry or cook knick knacks I can take home or wear. Had a great workshop this week at my weekly LESGC CL meeting, where I made my very own necklace with Satya Jewlery
Satya Jewelry is a "blending of spiritual symbols, healing gemstones, and sacred meanings". 
The brand's symbol, a Lotus flower, which opens during the day but closes at night (so cool!) represents "new beginnings" for the spiritual jewelry brand.
I was inspired by the meaning of the Lotus flower and chose it as my pendant of choice for my necklace. 
I thought to myself, this is a great representation of what I should remind myself to be everyday.
Why worry about yesterday when I have all of tomorrow? 
What will I benefit from fretting over my mistakes?
I should think about opening my mind to new people, experiences and places.
The past is past, and I'm happy to put it behind me.
I love that Satya Jewelry can be layered and be used for everyday use. Not just that necklace that needs to go with a "t-shirt" or LBD. Love it! 
Check out Satya Jewelery's website here.
And find your spiritual symbol!


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All this jewelry looks amazing. Love your blog, glad I stumbled across it!


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