Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Size Fits All!

I attended probably, one of the coolest events today, so far this year.
Skinny Cow hosted the Perfect Cup event, in helping women find their perfect "cup" size while enjoying a cup of Skinny Cow's 5 different, delicious, and low-fat ice creams. 
The Bra Museum display was a walk back in time.
It's pretty incredible how much the bra and women's cup sizes have changed over time! 
The Bullet Bra...Beware.
Unlimited free icecream?! 
5 flavors, here I come!
Makeovers by Glamour magazine at the Beauty Bar!
So maybe I took more than 1...or 2... ;)
Agreed. I'm on my way to the 3rd! 

Oh yeah. SWAG.
It really was! I left the event with free ice cream, a swag bag with tons of goodies, a coupon for a free bra, and the last song the DJ spun stuck in my head...
"I'm on the edge...of Glory..."

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Rhapsodyàlacrème said...

Woww this is awesome! U gotta let me kno when u hit up events! I wanna go too lolll.. Keep up the good work