Monday, January 3, 2011

Karlie Kloss In Two Inspiring Parts

The model

and the role model

Yet another chilly winter night in the city, myself and some of the Fresh Air Fund's CAP members headed to another job shadowing. As an active member of the Fresh Air Fund and a graduate of the Career Awareness Program, I have been fortunate to still have the opportunity to still attend and chaperone on job shadowings which are an amazing opportunity for CAP members to go to a company for example, J.P. Morgan, Google, and Marc Jacobs to learn more about the work the company does. On our way to Next Model Management, I was excited to enter another extension of the fashion world. Coming off the elevator, into the small, but busy looking office, I recognized a young, pretty face. Karlie Kloss, the Karlie Kloss was just a couple of feel away from me. The All American model who's career sky-rocketed at only the age of 18. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Karlie Kloss headed to the one and only, New York City to start modeling. She signed with Elite Model Management before moving to Next Model Management in January 2008.
Karlie Kloss posing in a swimsuit in a blizzard for Vogue

I first learned about Karlie in Teen Vogue when she landed her first Teen Vogue cover with models Chanel Iman and Ali Michael in 2008.
On an interview with Teen Vogue, Karlie added "to be on the cover of Teen Vogue" as one of her dreams. Sure enough, her drive, potential, and good attitude helped her land her solo Teen Vogue cover in May 2010.
On an interview with Teen Vogue, Karlie added "to be on the cover of Teen Vogue" as one of her dreams. Sure enough, her drive, potential, and good attitude helped her land her solo Teen Vogue cover in May 2010.
We entered a small office with a desk that had a number of pictures of beautiful models spread across its surface that are called “comp cards”. A model’s portfolio is a way to for clients to see a model’s best work. “We usually like to choose a variety of photos for a model’s portfolio” Misael, who did an amazing job in teaching and explaining the in and outs of the modeling industry during the industry. Photos for a model’s portfolio are chosen to show the model’s different dimensions, looks, and personalities in her work. Like the model in motion or the model smiling. “For magazine covers, there have been studies that show that people who see magazines at a newsstand with a person smiling with their teeth are more intrigued than a cover with a person not smiling” Misael explained. I actually found that to be true of myself. When I go to a drugstore or Barnes & Noble to sit and read magazines on the floor until they chase me out or force me to buy them, I find myself reaching for the magazine that has the girl on the cover smiling. It just looks better, you know? People like to see photos of people smiling. Smiling is one of the best gifts we are blessed with when you want to brighten up a room or a mood. Anyway, Comp Cards are medium sized cards that show a model’s picture and include information such as the model’s name, height, bust, waist, hair color, etc. They’re basically a quick and easy way for clients like DKNY or Prada to choose which specific “look” they’re seeking for either one of their client’s shows or a campaign, that are usually in back of the model’s portfolio for the client to take if they are interested in a model. I learned a tremendous amount of the modeling industry and all the work that went behind making a beautiful photo stunning during the job shadowing. It's definitely a lot of work and I think most of you know the requirements of becoming a model, so I'll spare you the details. I always loved attended job shadowings, especially if they were related to fashion or the arts, naturally. I feel that asking questions during a job shadowing or anything is the only way you’ll find out what you really want to know. When asked about the issues on the weight of the models in the industry, I was glad to hear that the model management encourages girls to eat well and if they see a girl who isn’t, they make sure that she seeks medical and physical therapy immediately. There’s so much to learn and know, I feel like the job shadowings end up to be too short of time.

As the job shadowing continued, I saw Karlie pass by the transparent looking wall separating the small office to the bigger open space. She was snacking on a green apple, and without thinking, the words "hey, it's Karlie Kloss" escaped my lips. She stopped and turned to look through the transparent wall and sort of waved. I didn't know if it was intended for me or if she was waving good bye to Misael. I was a bit frozen... I saw her tall, thin frame shrug and walk by. My heart sunk a little. I wanted to come up to her but of course, I was on duty, chaperoning the job shadowing for the kids. Okay, so maybe I was hyperventilating a little. I mean, what would your natural reaction be if you saw one of your role models in the flesh? Misael all of sudden disappears, jogging out the office door. “Let me get some more comp cards.” 2 minutes later, Karlie Kloss appears through the glass door, beaming her radiant smile at everyone before she looked at me.

"What's your name?" she said to me.

"Cristine" I replied.

"Omigosh! that's my sister's name! Is it with a K or a C?"

I was so excited! I was actually having dialogue with one of the most beautiful and sweetest girls in the modeling industry.

"I know! I read about her in Teen Vogue! Mine is with a "C".

“Oh, my sister’s is with a “K”

A few minutes later Misael slipped me Karlie's Comp Card and I finally knew why she asked what letter my name began with :) Not only is she one of my absolute favorite models, but she she's a ballet dancer like me! And she loves to bake too! She’s one over hearts and taste buds of designers such as Alexander Wang and Editor-in-Chief Amy Astley. She shows everyone that she is a motivated, positive energy to all those around her and is extremely hard working, both on and off the camera. It’s so incredible to see her career grow in the pages of my favorite magazines like Teen Vogue, to Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. Karlie Kloss has such a kind and bubbly personality but when it’s time for her to work, she has this metamorphosis into a dedicated model, committed and giving 110% in everything she does.
Karlie Kloss embodies so much that young woman aspire to be.

I’m glad to call her one of my favorite type of model: a role model.

I didn't get a photo with her, but I got her acknowledgement :)

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