Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zachary Alexander S/S 2011

Thank you to my love, Alsenio and friends for attending and taking pictures of this amazing fashion/dance show at Webster Hall!
I hope you enjoyed it! Zach, you are an amazing designer, your collaboration of dance and fashion, two of my favorite things, you're incredible. Loved the pastel colors and the ruffled designs! The components of dance was great!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where ju get that?

A thrift shop that's where! Yes, I know, I think we ALL know how obsessed I, and all fashion hungry yet broke girls like me need. I get the same FAQ on thrifts so here it is for all:

Q: Where do you go?
A: I don't, I find them. They find me. The right thrifts will find you!
If you want a real answer, check out brooklyn, like  the classic Beacon's Closet or Buffalo Exchange.
There are also a couple on 23rd street and on the LES.
There are always flea markets in churches too!

Q: How much $ do you need?
A: Not much!

Q: Can you take me sometime?
A: Sure! email me!

Let's get punchy blazers!

So, I kinda need a really awesome bright blazer for my small frame. I am currently looking for a nice teal one as shown (Stretch cotton "Patrol" French Connection $198) but that $ does not fit this wallet! 
or perhaps an awesome striped blazer? Not too long ago did I get a pin-striped blazer from my nearest thrift shop, but I think I need a real awesome bold-colored and/or print blazer! Thrift shops here I come!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Realization" a rough draft by Cristine Sanchez

I looked up at the sky,while the sun was setting in the west
and I began to look at the clouds and the beautiful colors stretched beyond and over me
as I stood in between the shore and the ocean, listening to the waves crash and its was the most amazing feeling to stand on the sand, awaiting for the waves to come.
it felt as if the ground itself was taking you away and a small smile reached the corners of my lips
I kept my eyes on the clouds, as I felt the water lap against me
and I thought about everything God made and felt a sudden pang of guilt. of all the things I want, there was always something more beautiful surrounding me, just waiting to be appreciated
all I had to do is look and see. the summer breeze whips my hair on my face
So I think about everything I've ever regretted . All the people who I've ever hurt and the people, hurt me and never understood me.of words i wish i can say but never did,and i think,why couldn't i?
i thought of all the distress in the world.
but how? right at this very moment someone is dying,there's pain on this earth,but here i am, a witness to beauty. Breathtaking and I still complain
I think about the pain i've went through and all the happiness too as they flood my memories and I still think about everything,standing here,looking up to the sky, and I almost cried.
for everything that not even words can explain. For even as enduring I can be, there they were. The betraying tears, trickle and run down my cheek, then I went deeper into the water and let the waves kiss away my tears...

WET PAINT (with no paint involved)

Where can NYC students go to afterschool to make and interact with art with other NYC teens?
MoMA! That's where! MoMA's In The Making provides NYC students with an amazing program for 11 weeks to be exposed to artists, new art and artists once a week, every week. This program has helped so much in building my eye as an artist and a performer. You learn so many new skills, use awesome art materials, and meet other awesome art loving teens. Here's some of my art work that I thought about while lying in bed the day before my exhibition and running after a dance concert performance to finish in about 1and a half hours:


"If you're thinking about it too much, you're doing it wrong"

Don't think. That's what spoken word poet Kesed Ragin speaks.

Only 3 blocks away form my high school, lies Hunter College where myself and other students take a poetry class every Tuesday and Thursday. Reading poems in front of my peers is always a relieving way to get thoughts and those awesome lines heard, spilling into ears and making thoughts swim. This past Thursday, Kesed Ragin came to give a writing exercise and speak poetry. He was an inspiration. He has an energy that is constant throughout his performance. Not just reading it off lined paper.

Hahaha ^^^^^

IN A FLASH: Padma Lakshmi at The Blossom Ball

It's Almost Bathing Suit Season in the city!

Well, ladies and gents, that time of the year is around the corner, where diets become more restricted and SPF 50 is to be slathered over your I-worked-really-hard-for-these-abs and thighs. The weather here is still spring, a little chilly, but it's one of my favorites seasons of the year. But that doesn't mean we should forget about lazy naps on the beach and taking ourselves to foreign cities and enjoying the cultures!
At Lord & Taylor, Lucky Magazine presents their countdown to summer has revealed shoppers a bathing suit fashion and shopping event. While sipping on Pina Coladas and nibbling on yummy raspberry tarts,
La Roux's "In for the Kill" and "Bulletproof" Sound off at the DJ

and the show begins...

Here, model Calei Chan gorgeously shows a Betsey Johnson white check matching ruffle bikini top and bottom. Ruffles are my favorite! They're so fun and can really accentuate where you want the most attention on your body. I can definitely use that!

So besides my poor digital camera skills, I think it's at least important to capture the look. Here, Marsha models a Calvin Klein Stripe Cotton cardigan, amazing for those light beachy coverups. I especially love the stripes, it still maintains attention with out covering too  much. Above, are some of my other stripe and cover up favorites. I think I've become more in love with stripes these days...

Black suits are always a classic:

Solid colors are amazing when making a bold statement. When you have that perfect color for your skin tone, it's almost as it screams, "I'm hot and confident!" So, fear not! Be bold! 

One of my favorite Betsey Johnson suits! The polka dots and the turquoise make a great contrast!
All swimsuits shown are all available at Lord & Taylor, so got get your best swim suit!

Now at Lord & Taylor, the new and first Guatemalan FEED bags in color, will help benefit UNICEF's efforts to help the children in Guatemala and the Guatemalan community!
The shown bag is $39 and pouches go for $19

All attendees took home a copy of Lucky Magazine, Issue June 2010

Fashion Merchandising Director Rebecca Bradley and Vice President and publisher Michelle Myers of Lucky Magazine

Catching up with Model Calei Chan, as featured in NYLON magazine

She is gorgeous and has the cutest pout! I can see big things in store for this model!