Thursday, March 31, 2011

Katy Perry: an Extra Terrestrial

Katy Perry wears designers' Viktor & Rolf (S/S 2011) amazing dress in her second look of the video

While scrolling down my twitter feed, (pssst! follow me @prtyprovocative :) I suddenly see about 10 new tweets about Katy Perry's latest video, ET feat Kanye West (currently obsessed with, by the way). 
Obbbbviously I'm furiously clicking on all the links to watch it! 
I notice Katy wearing Viktor & Rolf's incredible dress, that's definitely out of this world!
Love the song, not TOO crazy about the video.
And yes, it reminds me a teensy bit of Gaga's Born This Way...

And Avatar...

One of my favorite looks, Avatar inspired? 
C'mon, you can't deny it...
What do you think about the video?
Still having trouble viewing?
Watch it here without any problems (unless you're computer's acting up...)

They are all definitely Extra Terrestrial creatures for sure !


chuck n. said...

i find it awesome that they actually used the dress from the collection! the song is better than the video though

Patchwork-of-dreams said...

I don't very like Katy perry's new video !
But Lady gaga's one is nice :)



Jamie-Lee Burns said...

i could hear two songs? the videos are pretty crazy, hadnt seen that gaga one yet lol

V A N E S S A said...

I have to say that the clothes she wears in the video are really cool and original, but I don't like the video :/.

Hugs from:

Sick by Trend said...

Viktor & Rolf are a couple of genius! In love with their work! absolutely awesome you blog! Im following! Follow me :d


verotronik said...

love the fact that they don't want just to look pretty but they do something different!!! :D

love ur blog. u have a new follower! :D