Thursday, March 3, 2011

Which Way Showcase!

A windy day, I braced myself from the harsh winds and headed to the Midtown Theatre for the Which Way Showcase. The show was organized to portray students at a performing arts high school in New York City (sounds familiar! :) and gave high school students the opportunity to show their amazing talents, singing, acting, and of course, dancing! The styling was fabulously supervised by Karin Elgai, the awesome stylist I met through the Lower East Side Girls Club and who provided me tickets to this amazing show!  It was a comfortable environment, and I was ready for the show!
*And the lights get dim...* Cue the strobe lights! 
The host
The singing was AMAZING! They were all so confident taking the stage. They OWNED the stage. You can really tell how much work they put into this show. They were passionate about performing and the best part (and my favorite part of any show) was when they got the audience involved. Getting people to clap their hands and walking off onto the audience to sing, made it feel personal. The audience, by the way was such a great crowd!! They were encouraging and participating. Going to a performing arts high school, if the audience doesn't look or sound like they're having a good time, you won't either.

Nyah: a current student at Talent Unlimited High School :)
this talented girl played Rihanna's "What's My Name" on her violin! stunning!

Their energy was always up and they definitely had me snapping my fingers and singing along!
These guys have talent and hey world, WATCH OUT!

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Anonymous said...

Incredible show Loved it Everyone was incredible Love My girl Veronica Kole on the Guitar singing a Pink Song