Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mother Nature Is One Fashionable Woman!

LOVE that shoulder!
Dress by: Margaritiya Mileva; made entirely by rubberbands! 

Yeah, I know. It's AWESOME. I can't wait to order it!

We hear it and see it everywhere:


But how much are we really contributing to the Global crisis to the rise of Greenhouse gases? And is fashion taking advantage of this crisis to market and sell products to those soft sided consumers who want to "go green"? As a fashion hungry, tree hugging activist, I see labels and signs slapped everywhere on canvas bags, t-shirts, and collectible keychains, advertising these green slogans.

But in reality, (I learned this in my environmental science class :) most of those items aren't even  recycled themselves. It's that same canvas bag you buy at any store, only with those cute "green" symbols and pictures. 

The same energy, water, and electricity being used even if it didn't say "I'm not a Plastic Bag" on it. 
Sure it isn't, but be honest.
How many times did you get a plastic bag from every store you shopped at with one or two items in each plastic bag, only to have a pile of them at home, throw it away and repeat the vicious cycle again?
You have NO idea how much I always go shopping with my friends and see them get bag, after bag, after bag. It's true. Plastic bags don't decompose and stay in landfills forever like these
But you can return all those bags back to the store for recycling.
I've returned my collected bags and got extra closet space! :)
Or just be a smart and stylish. Carry that tote bag you have lying in the bottom of your closet and make it your Super bag for the next time you go out; for your necessities and your purchases.
Isn't it better to not have to carry so many bags anyway? 
And stepping away from the topic of the bag lady, one of my favorite designers, Stella McCartney, is the queen of luxury and eco-friendly. 
The British designer makes it her goal to deliver her customers the quality of fashion without sacrificing mother nature for it.
Stella McCartney S/S 2011 

Why shouldn’t it be possible to adopt a more natural, organic lifestyle without forgoing luxury? I believe it’s possible to have all these things without compromising your personal beliefs and the safety of the environment. – Stella McCartney

Even If you can't afford Stella McCartney, fear not!
My favorite store, H&M, is always affordable and up to date in fashion.
The store currently has (and had) an organic line that uses recycled or organic materials and fabrics in stores now! It's everything you get from H&M: style and affordability. My two favorite things.
Besides, even if these pieces are organic, doesn't make them less in quality than what you would normally buy that isn't organic. They're different.
They're special!

the bustier on the far left is on my list this spring! 

So when you're shopping for your Spring Essentials this season, be a smart, eco-friendly shopper! 

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