Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Around the World" in...20 minutes?

I'm already madly in love with Urban Outfitters for all their quirky jewelry and modern-vintage clothing. So when I heard about an event they were throwing at the UO in Soho, (since when does UO throw events?!) featuring various designers collected and scouted from around the world to come together and debut their collections right here in NYC! RSVP + 2! The collections will be available at Urban Outfitters this Spring/Summer! But for now, It's party time!
festive :)
how adorable! Each guest was given a paper "passport" and get their passports stamped by each designer from around the globe. After getting a stamp from over 10 different designers at each booth, each person was given a free goodie bag! *add a hip, hip, hooray! here*
Free manicures! 

hello new curtains of summer 2011! 
loved the combination of leather and denim in these shorts! 
designers of The Local Firm
the button down with kisses is what I can imagine myself wearing a million different ways...
$133.00 will not let me style it in any way ;) 
is saving Instant Photography from extinction and inventing and manufacturing entirely new and creative instant film materials for vintage Polaroid cameras!
This event was filled with fashionable guests! 
the turban is one of my favorite things this season! And those shoes were amazing!
I definitely remember her at the Alexander Wang event! She's a blogger alright! :)
by Rodebjer S/S 2011
Some of my favorite looks in the Rodebjer lookbook provided in the goodie bag:
laugh a little, ya know? 
MiniMarket: photo by Rob Kulisek
Le Mont St. Michel: photo by Lukasz Weirzbowski 
This is what your brother does when you're not in your room.
YMC: photo by Zhang Jungang & Li Jie 
I like my eggs that way too.
The Local Firm... reminds me of Alexander McQueen. No wonder it's my favorite. know it ;D

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