Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome to the Teen Vogue Office!

The Teen Vogue office; this is where the magic begins. 
Lead by editors Andrew Bevan, Shinoa Turini and her assistant Danielle, the Lower East Side Girls Club and I, toured the fashion magazine's office. Our eyes couldn't help but to dart back and forth at all the clothes, shoes, and bags everywhere!
It was great to be recognized by all the Teen Vogue editors from the Teen Vogue Handbook signing event at American Eagle last week! The office had a very energetic and fast-paced atmosphere as editors and interns scurried around for the next office photo shoot or editorial. I smelled hard work! 
The fashion closet: these photos do no justice to the organization and beauty in the Teen Vogue closet, to say the least!
the room where the Teen Vogue magazine gets put together! Flashback to The September Issue 
 It was great to see all the Teen Vogue editors again!
Let's just say that won't be the last time they'll see me again! ;)

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