Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tea, anyone?

Oh, boy! 
Sorry for the lack of posts guys! 
Note to potential bloggers: Make sure you have a computer!
So, today was a special 16th birthday for one of my closest friends and I want to take this time to say
Happy Birthday to Alia!
None of the teacups and saucers were matchy-matchy, making the silverware one-of-a-kind. The environment of the restaurant had a quaint yet vibrant feeling to it, it was almost like I was in the movie itself. Along with her closest friends and her mom, we headed Uptown, Manhattan to Alice's Tea Cup for a cup of tea and some lovely treats. 
Anyone care to join us? 
Teatime with the Birthday girl! :)
Alright, enough with the tea! Let's get down to business!

Had such a great time at Alice's Tea Cup! The food was great and the place was beyond adorable!
Definitely someplace I recommend to take your favorite girls out!
Anyone wanna dish out their favorite places to eat in the city?

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