Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look ma! I'm on TV!

In 3...2...1
Lights, camera, ACTION!
Along with Reel Lives, I had an interview today with ABC News "The Viewpoint" on working with Reel Lives and my experience. 
Lori Stokes, host and anchor of today's show, had such a warm personality. 
I was extremely nervous waiting in The Green Room, anxiously twiddling my thumbs, trying not to over think the questions they were going to ask me. 
In the end, it went by so fast! 
Definitely didn't feel like 6 minutes!
Make sure to check out the interview this Sunday, July 3rd at 5:30am!
So set those DVR's because I know half of us won't be getting up that early!
Greeting host Lori Stokes before shooting
Entering the studio
From left: Me and George Tarr; graduates of Reel Lives 2010 and Executive Director and founder, Lyle Kane

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