Thursday, March 31, 2011

Katy Perry: an Extra Terrestrial

Katy Perry wears designers' Viktor & Rolf (S/S 2011) amazing dress in her second look of the video

While scrolling down my twitter feed, (pssst! follow me @prtyprovocative :) I suddenly see about 10 new tweets about Katy Perry's latest video, ET feat Kanye West (currently obsessed with, by the way). 
Obbbbviously I'm furiously clicking on all the links to watch it! 
I notice Katy wearing Viktor & Rolf's incredible dress, that's definitely out of this world!
Love the song, not TOO crazy about the video.
And yes, it reminds me a teensy bit of Gaga's Born This Way...

And Avatar...

One of my favorite looks, Avatar inspired? 
C'mon, you can't deny it...
What do you think about the video?
Still having trouble viewing?
Watch it here without any problems (unless you're computer's acting up...)

They are all definitely Extra Terrestrial creatures for sure !

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Controversial" Calvin Klein Soho Ad

the Calvin Klein Soho Billboard

According to, the "dirty" word in Calvin Klein's latest ck one can be seen if you see the letter "F" being formed from the table on Lara Stone's right side and the "U" from Lara's bikini bottom. The "ck" finishes up the word we all know very well.

It's ridiculous and amusing how much people overanalyze things..

I understand that ads want to send a message out there, but unless Calvin Klein declares to the public that infact, that ad means what everyone thinks, then I seriously doubt that "fuck" is the "message".

Maybe someone stared at it for a really long time (when they should have been at work or something) and thought of it.

Your mind can play tricks on you.

And the human imagination is a powerful tool...
What do you think about this "racy" ad?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Awards Show You Would be GLAAD to go to!

Coming home exhausted today after tonight's GLAAD's 25th Annual Media Awards Show, I left with a dead camera, calloused feet, and the biggest smile on my face.
The GLAAD's 25th Annual Media Awards Show, is a pro-gay awards show that promotes equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in the media.
This amazing night awards actors, shows, and anyone involved in providing the message on equality for the LGBT community. I attended this phenomenal event with the LESGC. Among other groups and organizations included the Hetrick Martin Institute. Also commonly know as the Harvey Milk School.

Tonight was sooo much fun!!!
The awards show was inspiring and funny at the appropriate times.
The young people, such as I, had the opportunity to meet some of the guests of the GLAAD show today (see below :)
I was inspired by so many of the pretty provocative stories that were told and the struggles that the people of the LGBT community go through.

As a young film maker in the works of making her first documentary on homosexuality through my point of view as a Christina Catholic and dance major/overall artist and Renassiance, the GLAAD Awards Show came on good timing for me to attend.
It was the extra punch I needed to help me get through the deadline of getting my documentary done.
Which by the way, you can see the trailer for my first documentary, Loud Silence, coming in April 2011
that I'm making with Reel Lives... 

Russell Simmons and I
Miss America and I (terribleeeee photo of me...)

Moi & my amazing guests :)
Me & Liz from MTV's My Life As Liz 

Not only was the show amazing, I had an incredible time with my friends and the girls at the LESGC!
The after party was crazy fun!! I haven't had that much fun since...forever! 
Dancing, drinks, and guests (mostly all us, crazy, insane, fun teenagers) were able to take photos with some of the celebs and supporters of GLAAD and LGBT people!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guest blogging for V-Day!

I got asked to be a guest blogger for Eve Ensler's V-Girls: I Am an Emotional Creature site a few months ago for the launch of the V-Girls blog! I performed for  I Am an Emotional Creature two years ago and it was such an amazing experience!
Me, Eve Ensler, and Rosario Dawson

Me and Rosario getting fierce!

Check out the entire post here:…/

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rory Beca for Forever 21!

Designer Rory Beca collaborates with Forever 21 for a beachy, "Santa Monica" collection now available in stores! The designer is known for her "use of color and prints" which I learned by the way, her brother actually has done prints for the designer and one of the pieces for Forever 21! 
I interviewed the designer and asked the inspiration for new collection:
"the girls in their cruisers and the laid back look that can be for day and night and can throw on leggings and wear the same dress" 
Well, I for one am a fan of this, so we all know what Cristine will be wearing!

Designer Rory Beca and I
yeah, I want that too :) 
"Forever 21 reaches out to so many different people where they come from around the world, and it's important to reach out to different people" the designer on her collaboration with the store
a few pieces from the Rory Beca for Forever 21 collection!
"It's very Spring time. It makes you want to appreciate that sunny weather in L.A."
"I can't even afford my own line! It's great to come to Forever 21 where so many can people shop!"

Which Way Showcase!

A windy day, I braced myself from the harsh winds and headed to the Midtown Theatre for the Which Way Showcase. The show was organized to portray students at a performing arts high school in New York City (sounds familiar! :) and gave high school students the opportunity to show their amazing talents, singing, acting, and of course, dancing! The styling was fabulously supervised by Karin Elgai, the awesome stylist I met through the Lower East Side Girls Club and who provided me tickets to this amazing show!  It was a comfortable environment, and I was ready for the show!
*And the lights get dim...* Cue the strobe lights! 
The host
The singing was AMAZING! They were all so confident taking the stage. They OWNED the stage. You can really tell how much work they put into this show. They were passionate about performing and the best part (and my favorite part of any show) was when they got the audience involved. Getting people to clap their hands and walking off onto the audience to sing, made it feel personal. The audience, by the way was such a great crowd!! They were encouraging and participating. Going to a performing arts high school, if the audience doesn't look or sound like they're having a good time, you won't either.

Nyah: a current student at Talent Unlimited High School :)
this talented girl played Rihanna's "What's My Name" on her violin! stunning!

Their energy was always up and they definitely had me snapping my fingers and singing along!
These guys have talent and hey world, WATCH OUT!