Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Controversial" Calvin Klein Soho Ad

the Calvin Klein Soho Billboard

According to nyracked.com, the "dirty" word in Calvin Klein's latest ck one can be seen if you see the letter "F" being formed from the table on Lara Stone's right side and the "U" from Lara's bikini bottom. The "ck" finishes up the word we all know very well.

It's ridiculous and amusing how much people overanalyze things..

I understand that ads want to send a message out there, but unless Calvin Klein declares to the public that infact, that ad means what everyone thinks, then I seriously doubt that "fuck" is the "message".

Maybe someone stared at it for a really long time (when they should have been at work or something) and thought of it.

Your mind can play tricks on you.

And the human imagination is a powerful tool...
What do you think about this "racy" ad?


Anonymous said...

people will make the most ridiculous things up and honestly Calvin Klein is no stranger to controversy and it only makes the brand better

Pretty Provocative said...