Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look ma! I'm on TV!

In 3...2...1
Lights, camera, ACTION!
Along with Reel Lives, I had an interview today with ABC News "The Viewpoint" on working with Reel Lives and my experience. 
Lori Stokes, host and anchor of today's show, had such a warm personality. 
I was extremely nervous waiting in The Green Room, anxiously twiddling my thumbs, trying not to over think the questions they were going to ask me. 
In the end, it went by so fast! 
Definitely didn't feel like 6 minutes!
Make sure to check out the interview this Sunday, July 3rd at 5:30am!
So set those DVR's because I know half of us won't be getting up that early!
Greeting host Lori Stokes before shooting
Entering the studio
From left: Me and George Tarr; graduates of Reel Lives 2010 and Executive Director and founder, Lyle Kane

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Size Fits All!

I attended probably, one of the coolest events today, so far this year.
Skinny Cow hosted the Perfect Cup event, in helping women find their perfect "cup" size while enjoying a cup of Skinny Cow's 5 different, delicious, and low-fat ice creams. 
The Bra Museum display was a walk back in time.
It's pretty incredible how much the bra and women's cup sizes have changed over time! 
The Bullet Bra...Beware.
Unlimited free icecream?! 
5 flavors, here I come!
Makeovers by Glamour magazine at the Beauty Bar!
So maybe I took more than 1...or 2... ;)
Agreed. I'm on my way to the 3rd! 

Oh yeah. SWAG.
It really was! I left the event with free ice cream, a swag bag with tons of goodies, a coupon for a free bra, and the last song the DJ spun stuck in my head...
"I'm on the edge...of Glory..."

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chris Benz for Lancôme Paris

This week, designer Chris Benz unveiled the Benz Bag with makeup brand Lancôme Paris at Saks Fifth Avenue. The designer also collaborated with the brand last year in creating the peachy lipstick, Chris & Tell.
from the sketchpad...
to the Benz Bag!

The 70s inspired canvas tote bag is perrrfect for all my beach and summer essentials!
I may have tons of canvas bags, but this one's definitely special.
I'm no stranger to watercolor and the sketch pad. And a good piece of art takes time and dedication!
So I loved that Chris Benz's masterpiece was beautifully transferred to my new, essential's bag!

Designer Chris Benz and I
What an honor!

Chris Benz was such a sweetheart! He just radiated a positive energy and he was so friendly to talk to!
And he's an amazing designer!
Can you say Brownie Points?!
His pink hair gives him +10!
Check out some of his pieces from the designer's Spring/Summer 2011 collection!
The prints are one-of-a-kind and you know I'm all about the prints baby!
Chris Benz S/S 2011
a great touch to his warm personality!
We would be really great friends!
My commonly misspelled name...but c'mon! It's Chris Benz!
"I'll sign it with a big heart too so it's limited edition!"
 And that's a wrap!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Robyn for H&M Concert!

What a great way to start my summer!
A free concert with the one and only, Robyn presented by one of my favorite stores, H&M!
Most commonly known for her hit single, Dancing on My Own, the Swedish electro-pop singer definitely gives something critics to praise for.
She had so much energy on the stage, you couldn't help but to rock out looking like a madwoman whipping your hair. If it weren't for security and the tight space, H&M could've dangerously turned into a house party...
It was a great turnout!
I absolutely loved her jacket!
her massive platform boots were definitely an eye-catcher!
Check out her album, Body Talk Pt. 1 in stores now!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dakota Fanning for Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs

Elle Fanning may be starring in the new thriller, Super 8, which I am extremely excited to see, but Dakota Fanning is stealing back the spotlight. 
Marc Jacobs' newest fragrance, Oh, Lola!, has a new face.
As a huge fan of the original Lola fragrance, I always love to compare the difference between the two fragrances. This may be Dakota's first fragrance campaign with Marc Jacobs, but she's certainly not a newcomer to the fashion house. 
She modeled for the brand back in 2007 for their Spring/Summer ads.
Marc Jacobs S/S 2007
photos by Juergen Teller 
Dakota: left, Elle: right. So adorable! 
One thing's for sure: The Fanning sisters are full of talent and beauty! 
I can't wait to see what else is in store for them!
Power to the youth!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Recycled Art Dress by Cristine Sanchez

I've been taking this amazing environmental science class at school and every year, students are assigned to make an art project out of recycled materials.
We all know my love for fashion, so when I started making my recycled art project, making something fashion-related was second nature to me.
I had tons of different ideas for dresses sketched in my sketchbook, but I had to think about what recycled materials were going to be available to me and the time frame that I had.
I started with a base of WET PAINT signs that the NYC Subway was throwing out one day.
I liked the look of it, so I asked to keep it.
(don't mind the top part of dress... I am hysterically aware that the boobs say "PAIN" ha!)
The bottom of the dress is made of plastic 2-Liter bottles that I cut into strips.
The strips were tapped together to make the length of the skirt. Originally, I didn’t know the shape of the strips were going to have a concave shape, so I went with it.
I love collages so I cut strips of fashion magazine photos and ads and dipped them in paper mache    (glue and water) to stick them onto the plastic strips.
After the strips were dry, I coated them with Modge-Podge for a finish.
I bound everything with red tape, mostly so it can stay together.
Even though I wasn’t able to do anything Avant-Garde, my dress still represents a lot of my personality.
Structure in fashion and many modern-art sculptures inspire a lot of my work today.