Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Recycled Art Dress by Cristine Sanchez

I've been taking this amazing environmental science class at school and every year, students are assigned to make an art project out of recycled materials.
We all know my love for fashion, so when I started making my recycled art project, making something fashion-related was second nature to me.
I had tons of different ideas for dresses sketched in my sketchbook, but I had to think about what recycled materials were going to be available to me and the time frame that I had.
I started with a base of WET PAINT signs that the NYC Subway was throwing out one day.
I liked the look of it, so I asked to keep it.
(don't mind the top part of dress... I am hysterically aware that the boobs say "PAIN" ha!)
The bottom of the dress is made of plastic 2-Liter bottles that I cut into strips.
The strips were tapped together to make the length of the skirt. Originally, I didn’t know the shape of the strips were going to have a concave shape, so I went with it.
I love collages so I cut strips of fashion magazine photos and ads and dipped them in paper mache    (glue and water) to stick them onto the plastic strips.
After the strips were dry, I coated them with Modge-Podge for a finish.
I bound everything with red tape, mostly so it can stay together.
Even though I wasn’t able to do anything Avant-Garde, my dress still represents a lot of my personality.
Structure in fashion and many modern-art sculptures inspire a lot of my work today.

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