Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nudity; Proper way of advertising?

Marc Jacob's new ad for his new fragrance, Bang has no one surprised. 

He is seen as an artist, a...nude one. Jacob's fragrance, due this month, surely delivered it's "Bang". 
Even though he is nude, the bottle of Bang is definitely creative. I do like that he, himself is nude for his own ad and company.

Tom Ford's ad on the other hand  had me thinking otherwise. 
My question is, why is is that these nude fragrance campaigns are only for men. Tom Ford features a woman nude for the men's fragrance, leaving me only to think that okay, yes, sex sells. Nudity attracts much attention. It seems that Tom Ford's message implies that women and men are sex crazed maniacs, the ads stimulating men to buy the fragrances.

Although I'll be the first person to say that everything including the human body is an art, a women's body should not be seen as an advertisement. 
It objectifies and degrades woman.

Pretty Provocative indeed.

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