Thursday, July 8, 2010

Exit through the Gift Shop-Review

So I saw yesterday at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema, Exit through the Gift Shop.

It was an inspiring way of art even though I feel that most of Andy Warhol's pop art was and is being transformed to the modern type of  art, almost all the art looking the same.
If anyone has ever seen stickers with a man's face in black and white with the words (sometimes) OBEY,

Chances are that Shepard Fairey beat you there.
 His work usually consists of important pictures of history with minor alterations with his own meanings.
Watching the documentary, my feeling of street art that needed to be more widely known, LEGALLY, strengthened. So many street artists today have to out the art work when most aren't looking, in fear of being arrested.

Why should anyone be arrested for their art? Some call the walls, benches, and sidewalks property of the city, the art a vandalism.

I call it their canvas. This is what they love and they'll do anything for people to see it.
Including climbing heights of tall buildings with latters, glue, and their artwork.

The adventures and risks these street artists take are phemomenal !

If anyone's interested on street art, check this movie out at exclusive the Landmark Sunshine Cinema and the Brooklyn Heights Cinema locations!


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