Monday, December 20, 2010

Pretty Provocative under construction!

Pretty Provocative is headed to Youtube!
I'm making new changes, especially for the new year!

Sorry I haven't been updating often guys!
Life's tough when you're a computerless blogger.
I promise to update more when I get my computer! (which I am SO EXCITED FOR! EEEKK!)

Stay tooned & check out Pretty Provcative on tumblr!
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Big things are coming for Pretty Provocative- keep your eyes and your ears open...


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet the newest neighbor on 5th Avenue.

Goodbye Takashimaya, Hello Forever 21!

Forever 21 on the New York Post on the day of the store's Grand Opening with a 10% coupon too!

I actually woke up late that morning. I planned to be on 5th Avenue at like 6am, first for the Lanvin

♥ H&M line that opened at 8am and then head over a few blocks up to the newest, glitzy, and may I say HUGE (6 floors!), Forever 21 store that replaced the former Japanese retailer, Takashimaya who was most famous for their flower shop.

So at 9 am, I got there too late for Lanvin H&M so I went directly to Forever 21.
I was lucky. I was actually surprised that the line didn't wrap all the way around the block an hour before the store opened. People actually started showing up around 10:15, doors still not open.

Check out what happened at the Grand Opening of Forever 21 now on 693 Fifth Avenue!
the line...which is much more longer than shown...
I was SO glad I was one of the first 400 people on  line for a gift card! Each card was given and valued at all random prices
luckily I got a $20 giftcard! :)

Upon entering, I was greeted my a whole bunch of Forever 21's newest employees, clapping and yelling "WELCOME!"

Welcome indeed! 

First Floor:

those were gone quick!
this floor was my favorite. It was an all "sweet-things" themed floor!
LOVED this! It was set up like a mini kitchen in the middle of the 5th floor!

of course, what's a grand opening party without awesome music?
there was even a little something for Forever 21's shoppers outside of the store!
I'm really  bad at those claw games...
everyone was trying so hard to get a hold of those giftcards!
okay so I tried...
and actually won something! BEAT THAT machine! Yay!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lanvin ♥ H&M on the Red Carpet!

All photos taken by myself and are all originals of Pretty Provocative
Blogger Susie Bubble 

Andie MacDowell & her daughter Rainey Qualley
Evelina Khromtchenko

Blogger Bryanboy wearing one of Lanvin  ♥ H&M t-shirts &  Rumi Neely

Helen Lee Schifter

Luigi Tadini

Lynn Yaeger

Style by Kling & Gala Gonzalez 

Christina Lucchini

Anh Duong 

Anna Sui

Anna Sui & Sofia Coppola
Marjorie Gublemann

Elettra Wiedemann in Lanvin  ♥ H&M

(ahh! beware of the mega-watt flash of 20 photographers...)
Ann-Sofie Johansson & Margareta van der Bosch

Patrick Demarchelier
Elisa Sednaoui in  Lanvin ♥ H&M 

other guests included designer; Tory Burch, editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue Magazine; Amy Astley, Author Derek Blasberg and designer Alexander Wang

Bid on the Lanvin ♥ H&M auction that's featuring one-of-a-kind pieces from the haute couture collection and the 5 original sketches by Alber Elbaz! 
All proceeds will benefit UNICEF as part H&M's "All for Childeren" project.
Hurry! this auction ends November 26th!


Monday, November 15, 2010

New York Doll: a Pretty Provocative photoshoot

Jacket: Viktor Costa for Saks Fifth Avenue
Skirt & bow: H&M
Shoes:  Vintage

O M G.

These pictures are finally up! 
So I'm kinda going crazy right now just because of the fact that I've been wanting to put these pictures up since the summer. 


Alberto Vargas: the master behind the masterpieces. He was so patient during this shoot! It was such a humid day out that night but we stuck it through!
He is truly such a great talent that I can't even imagine the places he'll go! 

Check out the rest of Alberto Vargas' photography at:

and check out his awesome blog at:

Evalise: She was amazing assisting Alberto and me during this shoot, she definitely knows the ins and outs of what goes on during a shoot! 

Alsenio Espinal: For the makeup and the encouragement. We had so much fun in Sephora playing around with all the different products! 

All in all, I just need to take this time to say how amazing these people are. I honestly, truly believe every single one of them will make it so far in life! Starting Pretty Provocative has opened so many doors for me and I really hope they'll open doors for everyone who supported me in the beginning and from now on.
This goes to show that young talent is what's the next big thing.
 With our passions and dreams, we can really come together and help each other succeed through what we're best at. If it's through photography, makeup, hair or whatever! You can pave your way to your future.
It's your life & you know where you have to go.
God I sound like I just made those really corny speeches after winning a shiny award at an awards show on national television...