Monday, November 15, 2010

New York Doll: a Pretty Provocative photoshoot

Jacket: Viktor Costa for Saks Fifth Avenue
Skirt & bow: H&M
Shoes:  Vintage

O M G.

These pictures are finally up! 
So I'm kinda going crazy right now just because of the fact that I've been wanting to put these pictures up since the summer. 


Alberto Vargas: the master behind the masterpieces. He was so patient during this shoot! It was such a humid day out that night but we stuck it through!
He is truly such a great talent that I can't even imagine the places he'll go! 

Check out the rest of Alberto Vargas' photography at:

and check out his awesome blog at:

Evalise: She was amazing assisting Alberto and me during this shoot, she definitely knows the ins and outs of what goes on during a shoot! 

Alsenio Espinal: For the makeup and the encouragement. We had so much fun in Sephora playing around with all the different products! 

All in all, I just need to take this time to say how amazing these people are. I honestly, truly believe every single one of them will make it so far in life! Starting Pretty Provocative has opened so many doors for me and I really hope they'll open doors for everyone who supported me in the beginning and from now on.
This goes to show that young talent is what's the next big thing.
 With our passions and dreams, we can really come together and help each other succeed through what we're best at. If it's through photography, makeup, hair or whatever! You can pave your way to your future.
It's your life & you know where you have to go.
God I sound like I just made those really corny speeches after winning a shiny award at an awards show on national television... 


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