Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alexander Wang Trunk Show

Spring 2011
After editing some photos from some of the shoots I had at a friend's house in Brooklyn, I made my way onto the L train to transfer to the N to 5th Avenue.
I was fortunate enough not to have any school that day since it was Veteran's Day.
It's funny that for most people, teenagers for the most part, aren't really thinking about the fact that that day was dedicated for the brave soldiers who fought for our country. It really is just another lucky day off for most.
Tangent! Sorry! I kinda felt like I needed to mention that.
But anywhoo, I so really excited while I was walking up to Madison Avenue.
Alexander Wang has such an amazing ability in adding comfort, style, and reasonbale pricing to his masterpieces. It's almost as if he designs for the woman who wants to feel sexy but not looking like she's something she's not. If I were wearing Alexander Wang, what would be going through my head is:
this is me, if you like it or not. I don't need to be wearing anything extreme to make a statement.
I am the statement
I wear the clothes. Not the other way around.
Alexander Wang (right) at his Trunk Show at Barneys

the dress on the left looks so much like a painting...

The gold really add a new twist to white jeans!
absolutely love this vest and all its different textured glory!

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