Thursday, November 11, 2010

After party photoshoots

Location: Brooklyn somewhere on Clarkson Avenue...
The lights came up and all the guests at my friend's Sweet 16 Bash began mingling in and out of the bar from the dance floor to just catching their breaths from dancing to all the music.
Coming directly from my film class at the Paley, I made my way onto the Brooklyn bound 3 train. Oh look, a train malfuntion.
Nothing new on the MTA weekend service.
I was so new to the neighborhood when I exited off Sutter Avenue. It was actually kind of scary but living in the city teaches you some survival tips. ;D
Of course I was there in support of one of my closest friends with my Canon wrapped around my neck.
Diamond, one of Pretty Provocative's newest followers, came to me and asked if I could finally take her pictures.
Exiting out the back door, it shut with a loud clang.
With my Canon ready in hands, I was already switched gears to my photographer mood, looking for the best lighting in the pitch black night.
The only lighting available was a dim, yellowish light by the door. I did some test shots and realized, it wasn't that bad!
Take a look (more pictures to be uploaded soon! :)

People began coming out from the party to see what was going on.
I was suddenly yelling for people to get their heads out of the background because they were so visible.
It actually gave a cool effect to Julia's photo


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