Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bianca at Central Park

Thinking of ways to get more people to check out Pretty Provocative, I created a "Your Style" photo shoot contest on the Pretty Provocative facebook group to attract new followers and readers.
All outfits were styled by each of the winners. I just did some directing and photography :)
Here are some of the winners and Pretty Provocative's newest followers:


All photos taken with Canon G11
 My awesome G11 goes to prove that you do not need a big, fancy-lensed camera for shooting!
I was actually having this conversation with Bianca and Fatima.
You can have a very inexpensive camera, but as long as you have a good eye and good motivation, you can take good photos.
I have yet to edit and upload the rest of the pictures from this shoot as well as get the other photos from my friend Fatima who was also a photographer at the shoot.
It was a gorgeous day for shooting, a little cold but bearable.
With Central Park being the biggest park in New York City, there were so many possible places to shoot.
We ended up shooting in a variety of loactions, always looking for the best light of course.
The picture above with Bianca sitting on top of all the leaves really showed the fall season with the gorgeous colors of the leaves.

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