Monday, November 15, 2010

These have to be my favorite H&M ads ever.

LOVE this one!
After entering one of my favorite stores ever, H&M once again catches my eye and my wallet for the hundreth time. I always walk in the store never knowing where to look first. Heading to wherever I saw sparkles, I pass by the newest H&M Winter 2010 magazine and my hand snatches the last one almost immediately. As I'm flipping through the pages, I see probably one of the most intriguing, beautiful dress ever. My eyes are almost bugging out of my head as my jaw drops and I see that, without a doubt, it's Lanvin's newest ad for their collabortation with H&M. Not only are they funny but they're just jaw droppingly (as you've witnessed) beautiful. If their ads were amazing, I can't even think about how much I'm going to be hyperventilating when I see the pieces at the store! Talk about good promotion!  

Ladies and gents, with pieces this good, I think you might have to grab a tent and start camping out because there's bound to be a line!

Check out just a few of the many mouthwatering pieces from Lanvin ♥  H&M collection coming to US stores on November 20th and everywhere else November 23rd!

"Honey! I'm home!"
the dress on the left is AMAZING! ($250) I'm in love & lust...
dress on the right ($200)

"I don't want flowers! I want Lanvin!"

you don't even have to ASK me what's topping my x-mas list...

photos: H&M

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Hosbel :) said...

I like the guy's skinny dressy pants, I want them now !!! :]