Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Latest on the Huffington Post: Boy Meets Girl, LESGC, and Yours Truly!

Photo courtesy of Boy Meets Girl

Forever Young: Boy Meets Girl by Stacy Igel at NYFW

Designer Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl with Wyclef Jean and Actress & Activist Rosario Dawson

The performers of the night! Jarina de Marco, Wyclef Jean, and Chris Cab 

Proof that Wyclef Jean is just that cool 

The Boy Meets Girl collection: Style meet comfort, comfort meet style. 
The collection was so versatile! I could see myself wearing all the great pieces in dozens of ways!
How awesome is this dress? I can definitely see myself rocking this dress with a great necklace. 
It's like a casual look on the front, but a party on the back! 

The proportions of the sweater and high-low trend together is being added to my list of 
"Looks I Need to Try This Fall"

Jarina de Marco KILLING it! Loved her! 
My foot did an automatic tapping to her music! 
Show finale! 
Congrats to Stacy Igel for having the most pumped, creative, and funnest fashion show in all of Fashion Week! I had an absolute blast working alongside Stacy and the BMG team.

Spotted on the first row: Olivia Palermo! 

And of course big kudos to the night's performer's Wyclef Jean, Chris Cab and Jarina de Marco! 
Chris Cab-you're the coolest. 
Jarina was so sweet and a firecracker on the runway! Loved her energy! 
Go Latinas! :)
I absolutely admire these two woman right here! They truly embody the spirit of what it means to give back, work hard, and still look fab while doing it! Thank you Rosario Dawson for everything you've done for me and for the Lower East Side Girls Club. You've been an incredible rock for us and we truly admire you always being there for us. Thank you for introducing us to the amazing Stacy Igel and the Boy Meets Girl Team! I'm so honored to have gotten the opportunity to have worked with you! 

You can see the entire, amazing show HERE!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: S/S 2013 Backstage!

You don't need to be a fashion obsessed diva who considers Vogue her bible or have consecutive dreams of red-platformed stilettos and Valentino to know that it's Fashion Week in NYC! 
My fifth season at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I'm always excited to know what shows I'll be working backstage! Everyone knows, and if you don't-fashion isn't all the glitz and glamour you think it is. Like my fashion professor at FIT says: "You love fashion? Get over it. It's a business." In conjunction with taking this class at school and working 5 seasons backstage at fashion week, I know all about the hard work, careful planning, and sweat (literally) that goes into fashion week. 
This season was definitely my best though. I worked 4 shows all on one Saturday! 
Remember that sweat we talked about? ;)

Check out some of my behind-the-scenes at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2013!

Let's go! 

Backstage at Tadashi S/S 2013
First looks and last minute prep!
Finale! Go girls, go!

Jill Stuart S/S 2013
"I'm always catching a beautiful girl. I think it's relevant"
- Jill Stuart
Definitely one of my favorite collections of the week. Stuart was inspired by couture lingerie and the beauty of a girl. How much more timeless can you get than that? 

Son Jung Wan S/S 2013

Vlov-Qingquing Wu S/S 2013
Okay, I just have to say that it's totally unfair (and of course lucky) that a girl is backstage with a whole bunch of gorgeous male models. I've always worked with the female models and this one was my first men's show. It was a completely different atmosphere. The guy were so chill and playful, it was for sure a lot of fun and easy going backstage! 

Venexiana S/S 2013

Falguni and Shane Peacock S/S 2013
The most creative, innovative, amazing collection I've ever seen.
Helmets, lights, and glow in the dark?
Meet my model Pirina from Bulgaria! 
Her first look (below) was one of the "Moto" looks and her body suit actually lit up! 
I was nervous of pulling too hard when putting it on her; it was so tight! 
It definitely was like her second skin! 
Loved the hair! So creative!
Despite the chaos, a girl's gotta have time for a mani!
Who better else to spend fashion week with my best friend, my sis, mi amor- Ashley! 
I love this girl to death-she's been there for me since Freshman year of High School. 
There is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for her. Love ya girl! 

It's been a great season, until next time Fashion Week!