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Friday, January 28, 2011

Miu Miu: an inspiration to the lower priced

Miu Miu 
photo by:

 Forever 21 Mary Jane Platform version...
and the H&M version...
I am so loving how these amazing shoes are now available for girls like me with a limited budget!

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Check out my recent post on the Girlville blog and my Podcast interview with Stylist Karin Elgai!

Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe

Helllooo cute, sexy, and sweet!

Waiting on line outside the adorable little store, Charlotte Russe, this store has a little something for everyone! With a wide selection of different styles, you can’t help but to keep darting back and forth the store, for something awesome you keep seeing everywhere (which I actually experienced today, but continue reading). Accompanied by my amazing, PR, graphic designer, and Pretty Provocative assistant, Joanne and I excitedly waited outside, eager to meet Eric Daman, the stylist for Gossip Girl and of course, the $50 gift cards for the first 50 people on line! (We were lucky enough to be the 17th/18th people on line. My good friend Cindy, arrived a little bit before the doors were going to happen (12:30pm), and still made it to be around the 29th person on line! Thank you Regents week! This event was on a Tuesday afternoon, where most students would be in school and hardworking adults at work, hating their boss. I wasn’t surprised when there was barely a line forming outside the store.
“You guys excited?!” the sales lady shouted around 12:35ish. “Let me hear you guys cheer!” As soon as they started handing out silver and gold bubble wrap envelopes, hands immediately shot out excitedly for what they all expected and waited for. Can you say shopping spree? Along with a $50 coupon to be used that day, every customer received a piece of jewelry, a ring, or necklace. I got a pair of adorable earrings with “LO” for one earring and “VE” for the other.

Hopefully I don’t forget to put the “LO” earring on my right ear or else my earrings will read something illiterate like “VELO”…I wonder if that’s even a word.  *Cristine Googles VELO*
According to, the word "velo" is a bicycle in Switzerland. 

I’m infamous for tangents, as you can see. Maybe not so much for the math part…oh. Here I go again.
Anyway, the line moved quickly, and I met with Eric to snap a picture with him.
Eric Daman is most well
“I love this!” he said before we took the picture. He was referring to the ultra, hot pink necklace I had on that I was so happy to get at H&M on sale for $5 !

His collection for Charlotte Russe is an incredible and affordable collection of party dresses for any occasion. I would wear each of those dresses on a different day of the week, seriously. From school to a party, these dresses are great for any girl to wear. Let us establish my obsession with dresses. Dresses can honestly go with any weather or occasion. Really! It’s all about the layering, mixing and matching, and re-creating. Need I say more for the LBD? But it’s not just for the Little Black Dress, there are tons of ways to reincarnate and resurrect the dresses you thought you could only use in the spring, summer, and parties. With a million options in jackets, blazers, tights, different accessories, and shoes, there are options, ladies! Let us seek for them! And a good one would be a dress from Eric Daman’s collection for Charlotte Russe! I love the sexy, red deep-neck sweetheart dress that hugs those amazing curves. As soon as I saw it, I thought sophistication and a little bit of sin ;) Red in general has a natural, alluring feeling to it. Long story short, YES, I AM saying that red is sexy, isn’t always? Don’t even get me started on red lipstick…
The bubble, polka dot dress is the dress for any girl who’s just begging for fun…and a party! Sweet Sixteen’s are huge right now (well, guessing because I’m 16, I’m going to say so…) and this dress is adorable.
But the one dress that I saw from afar, through the glass, was the pink, sequined dress, with the sheer pink on top tied with bows on the shoulders…
Cristine, meet Cristine.
I couldn’t find it on the rack, and apparently they haven’t shipped them in yet. Disappointed, I quickly lifted my spirits when I suddenly realized that I had a $50 gift card and an entire store with clothes that I quickly piled on top of my left arm while my right hand went pushing hangers, after hangers, for something that I would love.
30something pieces later and various trips to the dressing room, I finally wiped the exhaust from my brow when I settled for 5 pieces. In conclusion, I decided on buying a pair of distressed denim skinny jeans that fit me like boyfriend jeans. I looked on the inside of my jeans and saw something funny...

A little dirt never hurt. Wash Me Less and Wear Me More

tights (the staple in my closet), and a pair of sheer ankle socks that I’m dying to pair with some tights and platforms or oxfords.
So, what did I learn today?
2 things:

1) Shopping is a sport and must be taken with all cautiousness for you will run out of breath and energy because of all the searching and running around. You will build muscles! I swear I think my biceps got firmer from carrying all the clothes on one arm.

2) Eric Daman is a genius for making an incredible and affordable collection of super sweet, super sexy dresses for $50 and under. Without the prices of Gossip Girl labels.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Natalie Portman: Miss Dior Cherie

Directed by Sofia Coppola, Natalie Portman is Dior's newest face!
Portman embodies everything the fashion house represents-elegance and beauty. Especially after watching Black Swan (which remains one of my favorite films yet), Natalie has become one of my favorite actresses. I know what you're thinking just because it was a ballet/dance movie was because I loved her. That may slightly be the case, but watching Natalie in different films, she just so...versatile. Right after the emotional, dark beauty of Black Swan, she starred in a comedy, No Strings Attached alongside Ashton Kutcher. I was ecstatic to see Natalie Portman on Dior's new ad campaigns, as she joins the ranks of Riley Keough and Lily Donaldson, Natalie is the newest, freshest face for the fashion house.
Natalie Portman in Black Swan

Dior Cherie by Rene Gruau 

Riley Keough

Lily Donaldson 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Learn to keep a straight face or don't say anything at all.

The Bowler Hat was originally created in 1849 and was popular with the working class during the Victorian Era. 
I guess me and Charlie Chaplin have something in common...

Shearling jacket: BDG, blazer: thrifted, t-shirt: Target (men's section), bowler hat: H&M, bag: MNG, jeans: Pacsun, heels: somewhere in Europe... 
Photos by Joanne Perez and Canon G11

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Little Wicked...

sequin sweater $68 (now 30 % off)
black boots $82 (now 30% off)
bag $52 (now 30% off)

white ruffle top $88
jean shorts $48
gray boots $108 (30% off)
belt $42
hat $58
dress $98 (30% off now)
earrings $26
hat $50
clutch $75
shoes $85

purple sequin skirt $20, necklace $58

Vintage? Oh yeah. DEFINITELY wicked.

I love playing dress up, and when I got to play dress up at my new favorite vintage store, “A Little Wicked”, I was going crazy over the store. I love those timeless pieces that’s one-of-a-kind and doesn’t come in large stocks. It makes them unique.
Upon arriving the store, I immediately zeroed in on a sparkly, crème cardigan that I instantly gravitated to. I have recently been crazy in love with oversize knits and sweaters this winter, that taking the cardigan from its rack was unavoidable.
I then eyed a pair of vintage lace up boots that would go perfect with the outfit.
And they came in my size! Score!
I had so much fun dancing to Rihanna in the quirky, little boutique as I was styled by my amazing friend and fashion/life mentor, Sierra and my fabulous friend Alsenio took the shots. There were so many outfits to try, I couldn’t possibly finish trying all of them on!
So if you’re looking for great vintage pieces you can’t find any where else, head to A Little Wicked where you’re sure to feel like a little wicked yourself…
A Little Wicked

279 E. Houston St.
   Between Clinton & Suffolk
 New York, NY 10002

  Store Hours:
 Mon-Sat: 12-8
Sunday: 11-7

Monday, January 3, 2011

Karlie Kloss In Two Inspiring Parts

The model

and the role model

Yet another chilly winter night in the city, myself and some of the Fresh Air Fund's CAP members headed to another job shadowing. As an active member of the Fresh Air Fund and a graduate of the Career Awareness Program, I have been fortunate to still have the opportunity to still attend and chaperone on job shadowings which are an amazing opportunity for CAP members to go to a company for example, J.P. Morgan, Google, and Marc Jacobs to learn more about the work the company does. On our way to Next Model Management, I was excited to enter another extension of the fashion world. Coming off the elevator, into the small, but busy looking office, I recognized a young, pretty face. Karlie Kloss, the Karlie Kloss was just a couple of feel away from me. The All American model who's career sky-rocketed at only the age of 18. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Karlie Kloss headed to the one and only, New York City to start modeling. She signed with Elite Model Management before moving to Next Model Management in January 2008.
Karlie Kloss posing in a swimsuit in a blizzard for Vogue

I first learned about Karlie in Teen Vogue when she landed her first Teen Vogue cover with models Chanel Iman and Ali Michael in 2008.
On an interview with Teen Vogue, Karlie added "to be on the cover of Teen Vogue" as one of her dreams. Sure enough, her drive, potential, and good attitude helped her land her solo Teen Vogue cover in May 2010.
On an interview with Teen Vogue, Karlie added "to be on the cover of Teen Vogue" as one of her dreams. Sure enough, her drive, potential, and good attitude helped her land her solo Teen Vogue cover in May 2010.
We entered a small office with a desk that had a number of pictures of beautiful models spread across its surface that are called “comp cards”. A model’s portfolio is a way to for clients to see a model’s best work. “We usually like to choose a variety of photos for a model’s portfolio” Misael, who did an amazing job in teaching and explaining the in and outs of the modeling industry during the industry. Photos for a model’s portfolio are chosen to show the model’s different dimensions, looks, and personalities in her work. Like the model in motion or the model smiling. “For magazine covers, there have been studies that show that people who see magazines at a newsstand with a person smiling with their teeth are more intrigued than a cover with a person not smiling” Misael explained. I actually found that to be true of myself. When I go to a drugstore or Barnes & Noble to sit and read magazines on the floor until they chase me out or force me to buy them, I find myself reaching for the magazine that has the girl on the cover smiling. It just looks better, you know? People like to see photos of people smiling. Smiling is one of the best gifts we are blessed with when you want to brighten up a room or a mood. Anyway, Comp Cards are medium sized cards that show a model’s picture and include information such as the model’s name, height, bust, waist, hair color, etc. They’re basically a quick and easy way for clients like DKNY or Prada to choose which specific “look” they’re seeking for either one of their client’s shows or a campaign, that are usually in back of the model’s portfolio for the client to take if they are interested in a model. I learned a tremendous amount of the modeling industry and all the work that went behind making a beautiful photo stunning during the job shadowing. It's definitely a lot of work and I think most of you know the requirements of becoming a model, so I'll spare you the details. I always loved attended job shadowings, especially if they were related to fashion or the arts, naturally. I feel that asking questions during a job shadowing or anything is the only way you’ll find out what you really want to know. When asked about the issues on the weight of the models in the industry, I was glad to hear that the model management encourages girls to eat well and if they see a girl who isn’t, they make sure that she seeks medical and physical therapy immediately. There’s so much to learn and know, I feel like the job shadowings end up to be too short of time.

As the job shadowing continued, I saw Karlie pass by the transparent looking wall separating the small office to the bigger open space. She was snacking on a green apple, and without thinking, the words "hey, it's Karlie Kloss" escaped my lips. She stopped and turned to look through the transparent wall and sort of waved. I didn't know if it was intended for me or if she was waving good bye to Misael. I was a bit frozen... I saw her tall, thin frame shrug and walk by. My heart sunk a little. I wanted to come up to her but of course, I was on duty, chaperoning the job shadowing for the kids. Okay, so maybe I was hyperventilating a little. I mean, what would your natural reaction be if you saw one of your role models in the flesh? Misael all of sudden disappears, jogging out the office door. “Let me get some more comp cards.” 2 minutes later, Karlie Kloss appears through the glass door, beaming her radiant smile at everyone before she looked at me.

"What's your name?" she said to me.

"Cristine" I replied.

"Omigosh! that's my sister's name! Is it with a K or a C?"

I was so excited! I was actually having dialogue with one of the most beautiful and sweetest girls in the modeling industry.

"I know! I read about her in Teen Vogue! Mine is with a "C".

“Oh, my sister’s is with a “K”

A few minutes later Misael slipped me Karlie's Comp Card and I finally knew why she asked what letter my name began with :) Not only is she one of my absolute favorite models, but she she's a ballet dancer like me! And she loves to bake too! She’s one over hearts and taste buds of designers such as Alexander Wang and Editor-in-Chief Amy Astley. She shows everyone that she is a motivated, positive energy to all those around her and is extremely hard working, both on and off the camera. It’s so incredible to see her career grow in the pages of my favorite magazines like Teen Vogue, to Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. Karlie Kloss has such a kind and bubbly personality but when it’s time for her to work, she has this metamorphosis into a dedicated model, committed and giving 110% in everything she does.
Karlie Kloss embodies so much that young woman aspire to be.

I’m glad to call her one of my favorite type of model: a role model.

I didn't get a photo with her, but I got her acknowledgement :)

What Is Beauty?

A few months ago, I attended a “What is Beauty?” workshop back in the fall at The Lower East Side Girls Club and the empowering advice still has engraved such a huge significance in my mind today.
Although this workshop was a little while ago, I think learning and sharing the true definition of beauty is never too old.
Led by Alexis, beauty blogger of the Beauty Bean, Michael Angleo of hair salon Wonderland, and fitness and health trainer, Carlos, these three amazing beauty and healthy-living gurus helped members and their friends of the LESGC in discovering inner beauty from the inside and out.
Scribbling on a questionnaire sheet on what is beauty, we went around, shared and talked about what beauty meant to us and what’s beautiful about ourselves.
Living in a media-influenced world where gleaming smiles, good skin, and shiny, bombshell hair grazes magazine covers, billboards, and on-screen, it didn’t surprise me that for a minute I had a flash of these beautiful creatures in my mind.
It’s almost hypnotizing.
Iactually had to stop and think, what do I love about myself?
I mean sure, we all think at times, hey, I look nice today. But when someone presents you the question of, what do you think is most beautiful about yourself? It’s not really a question you’d give a quick answer as if the answer was always on the back of your mind.
Eventually I came up with:
My ambition
My open-mindedness and willingness to help others
and my smile.
I was focusing more on my personal qualities because, honestly, it was easier to think about than my physical traits. I knew and was assured during the workshop that, “true beauty shines from the inside, out” as we are known to hear.
It felt like such an amazing, positive energy that, the girls and guys at the workshop listed such a great number of physical qualities.
I know it sounds so cliché, but the most beautiful person to the naked eye can be the most ugliest person standing in a room.
It reminds me of “Mean Girls” and all those cliquey movies (“The Clique”) with the beautiful, popular girls, or better known as the “Plastics”, who seem it have it all. But really, they have nothing at all. Because no one wants to be with a nasty, selfish, bitchy person who only worries about themselves and themselves only. When we think of the word “role model” most of us would think of a strong, intelligent person who has a good head on their shoulders.
True beauty is someone who has the ability to love.
Someone who cares about the good-being of others without looking for a benefit for themselves at the end.
True beauty is embracing your unruly, curly hair, your curvy thighs, and cup size.
Your towering height and the gap between your teeth.
As a 5 ft and 1/2, petite, 16 year old teenager, growing as I speak (I hope) with so much to learn, I’ve learned to accept that (here comes the cliché again) no one’s perfect. We can strive for perfection but will always struggle on our journey there because, in my opinion, perfection doesn’t exist. Sure we can try our hardest in life and at everything we do, but that’s just what it is. Our best.
And once we learn to discover to accept ourselves and congratulate our accomplishes, is when we will learn the real definition of beauty.
So stop reading the number on your jeans and smile your biggest smile, with or without braces. Let your hair down and wear what makes you happy because at the end of the day, all the hours you try of concealing and changing who you are, ask yourself if you’re changing because of those who are looking.