Friday, January 28, 2011

Eric Daman for Charlotte Russe

Helllooo cute, sexy, and sweet!

Waiting on line outside the adorable little store, Charlotte Russe, this store has a little something for everyone! With a wide selection of different styles, you can’t help but to keep darting back and forth the store, for something awesome you keep seeing everywhere (which I actually experienced today, but continue reading). Accompanied by my amazing, PR, graphic designer, and Pretty Provocative assistant, Joanne and I excitedly waited outside, eager to meet Eric Daman, the stylist for Gossip Girl and of course, the $50 gift cards for the first 50 people on line! (We were lucky enough to be the 17th/18th people on line. My good friend Cindy, arrived a little bit before the doors were going to happen (12:30pm), and still made it to be around the 29th person on line! Thank you Regents week! This event was on a Tuesday afternoon, where most students would be in school and hardworking adults at work, hating their boss. I wasn’t surprised when there was barely a line forming outside the store.
“You guys excited?!” the sales lady shouted around 12:35ish. “Let me hear you guys cheer!” As soon as they started handing out silver and gold bubble wrap envelopes, hands immediately shot out excitedly for what they all expected and waited for. Can you say shopping spree? Along with a $50 coupon to be used that day, every customer received a piece of jewelry, a ring, or necklace. I got a pair of adorable earrings with “LO” for one earring and “VE” for the other.

Hopefully I don’t forget to put the “LO” earring on my right ear or else my earrings will read something illiterate like “VELO”…I wonder if that’s even a word.  *Cristine Googles VELO*
According to, the word "velo" is a bicycle in Switzerland. 

I’m infamous for tangents, as you can see. Maybe not so much for the math part…oh. Here I go again.
Anyway, the line moved quickly, and I met with Eric to snap a picture with him.
Eric Daman is most well
“I love this!” he said before we took the picture. He was referring to the ultra, hot pink necklace I had on that I was so happy to get at H&M on sale for $5 !

His collection for Charlotte Russe is an incredible and affordable collection of party dresses for any occasion. I would wear each of those dresses on a different day of the week, seriously. From school to a party, these dresses are great for any girl to wear. Let us establish my obsession with dresses. Dresses can honestly go with any weather or occasion. Really! It’s all about the layering, mixing and matching, and re-creating. Need I say more for the LBD? But it’s not just for the Little Black Dress, there are tons of ways to reincarnate and resurrect the dresses you thought you could only use in the spring, summer, and parties. With a million options in jackets, blazers, tights, different accessories, and shoes, there are options, ladies! Let us seek for them! And a good one would be a dress from Eric Daman’s collection for Charlotte Russe! I love the sexy, red deep-neck sweetheart dress that hugs those amazing curves. As soon as I saw it, I thought sophistication and a little bit of sin ;) Red in general has a natural, alluring feeling to it. Long story short, YES, I AM saying that red is sexy, isn’t always? Don’t even get me started on red lipstick…
The bubble, polka dot dress is the dress for any girl who’s just begging for fun…and a party! Sweet Sixteen’s are huge right now (well, guessing because I’m 16, I’m going to say so…) and this dress is adorable.
But the one dress that I saw from afar, through the glass, was the pink, sequined dress, with the sheer pink on top tied with bows on the shoulders…
Cristine, meet Cristine.
I couldn’t find it on the rack, and apparently they haven’t shipped them in yet. Disappointed, I quickly lifted my spirits when I suddenly realized that I had a $50 gift card and an entire store with clothes that I quickly piled on top of my left arm while my right hand went pushing hangers, after hangers, for something that I would love.
30something pieces later and various trips to the dressing room, I finally wiped the exhaust from my brow when I settled for 5 pieces. In conclusion, I decided on buying a pair of distressed denim skinny jeans that fit me like boyfriend jeans. I looked on the inside of my jeans and saw something funny...

A little dirt never hurt. Wash Me Less and Wear Me More

tights (the staple in my closet), and a pair of sheer ankle socks that I’m dying to pair with some tights and platforms or oxfords.
So, what did I learn today?
2 things:

1) Shopping is a sport and must be taken with all cautiousness for you will run out of breath and energy because of all the searching and running around. You will build muscles! I swear I think my biceps got firmer from carrying all the clothes on one arm.

2) Eric Daman is a genius for making an incredible and affordable collection of super sweet, super sexy dresses for $50 and under. Without the prices of Gossip Girl labels.


Ruby And Siel said...

What an amazing necklace!

Beauty, Events, and Free Stuff said...

I went to that event to I was so happy to get that gift card. The earrings you got are cute. I got this cool ring with the giftcard that said love on it.