Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet the newest neighbor on 5th Avenue.

Goodbye Takashimaya, Hello Forever 21!

Forever 21 on the New York Post on the day of the store's Grand Opening with a 10% coupon too!

I actually woke up late that morning. I planned to be on 5th Avenue at like 6am, first for the Lanvin

♥ H&M line that opened at 8am and then head over a few blocks up to the newest, glitzy, and may I say HUGE (6 floors!), Forever 21 store that replaced the former Japanese retailer, Takashimaya who was most famous for their flower shop.

So at 9 am, I got there too late for Lanvin H&M so I went directly to Forever 21.
I was lucky. I was actually surprised that the line didn't wrap all the way around the block an hour before the store opened. People actually started showing up around 10:15, doors still not open.

Check out what happened at the Grand Opening of Forever 21 now on 693 Fifth Avenue!
the line...which is much more longer than shown...
I was SO glad I was one of the first 400 people on  line for a gift card! Each card was given and valued at all random prices
luckily I got a $20 giftcard! :)

Upon entering, I was greeted my a whole bunch of Forever 21's newest employees, clapping and yelling "WELCOME!"

Welcome indeed! 

First Floor:

those were gone quick!
this floor was my favorite. It was an all "sweet-things" themed floor!
LOVED this! It was set up like a mini kitchen in the middle of the 5th floor!

of course, what's a grand opening party without awesome music?
there was even a little something for Forever 21's shoppers outside of the store!
I'm really  bad at those claw games...
everyone was trying so hard to get a hold of those giftcards!
okay so I tried...
and actually won something! BEAT THAT machine! Yay!

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