Saturday, June 11, 2011

Three cheers for Internet week 2011!

Welcome to the place where .com's, .org's, and internet brainiacs rule to claim their thrones.
This is no Fashion week, so take off the stilettos and take notes for the newest and coolest applications for the internet. Coming to a computer near you!
As a blogger, tweeter, and everything in between, you have got to be internet savvy!
All the more reason to go to Internet Week!
Besides, who knows the internet more than the people who help create it?
ohh yeah
I must talk a lot with my hands during interviews...
I stopped by Meebo, who's created new applications for fashion bloggers like me
Freebies may have pulled the weighed down on our shoulders, carrying it in our school bags, but it definitely didn't stop us from grabbing more t-shirts, books, and candy! 
Pretty Provocative looks better on the big screen ;)
And sounds better too! I was jamming to Oh Land!
From seminars to how-to's, there was something new to learn every second! 
It reminded me so much of fashion week, that I honestly thought to myself, Is this what tech-savvy people anticipate? Because I know during fashion week, you can never get bored!
The 1996 Mac Desktop! I can't imagine blogging on that computer... 
Me and my friends having a blast!
Internet Week buddies- UNITE!

I'm as corny as they come ;)

"Wait...just one last thing! I wonder if it..."
"It works! It works!"

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Some of these photos are hilarious! xx andie