Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Awards Show You Would be GLAAD to go to!

Coming home exhausted today after tonight's GLAAD's 25th Annual Media Awards Show, I left with a dead camera, calloused feet, and the biggest smile on my face.
The GLAAD's 25th Annual Media Awards Show, is a pro-gay awards show that promotes equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in the media.
This amazing night awards actors, shows, and anyone involved in providing the message on equality for the LGBT community. I attended this phenomenal event with the LESGC. Among other groups and organizations included the Hetrick Martin Institute. Also commonly know as the Harvey Milk School.

Tonight was sooo much fun!!!
The awards show was inspiring and funny at the appropriate times.
The young people, such as I, had the opportunity to meet some of the guests of the GLAAD show today (see below :)
I was inspired by so many of the pretty provocative stories that were told and the struggles that the people of the LGBT community go through.

As a young film maker in the works of making her first documentary on homosexuality through my point of view as a Christina Catholic and dance major/overall artist and Renassiance, the GLAAD Awards Show came on good timing for me to attend.
It was the extra punch I needed to help me get through the deadline of getting my documentary done.
Which by the way, you can see the trailer for my first documentary, Loud Silence, coming in April 2011
that I'm making with Reel Lives... 

Russell Simmons and I
Miss America and I (terribleeeee photo of me...)

Moi & my amazing guests :)
Me & Liz from MTV's My Life As Liz 

Not only was the show amazing, I had an incredible time with my friends and the girls at the LESGC!
The after party was crazy fun!! I haven't had that much fun since...forever! 
Dancing, drinks, and guests (mostly all us, crazy, insane, fun teenagers) were able to take photos with some of the celebs and supporters of GLAAD and LGBT people!

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