Sunday, February 27, 2011

Immerse yourself in something that doesn't need to make sense.

Boy, oh boyyy. Isn't it just WEIRD to hear your own voice?

I just discovered this when a friend of mine posted this video on my facebook wall, 
here's the interview I did for the Spring 2010 MoMA: In The Making class: Experiments with Paper!

I'm currently just got accepted into
MoMA's Stop or I'll Shoot! Performance and Photography class this Spring Semester & the classes have been going ah-mazing!

I caught this photo just in time!
MoMA In the Making essentially is the best free art program out there for Teens in the city! 
And if you're a high school student interested in the program or like me, is desperately trying to find a creative outlet for your bursting artistic talents, consider applying for MoMA In the Making's Summer Program and fill out an application here: 
& Look out for my exhibition coming up this April! 

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