Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fashion's Night Out...In 6 days and 16 Countries!

On your mark...get set...SHOP!

For good of course!
Mark your calendars ladies!
On September 10th, Fashion's Night out is, without a doubt coming to a city near you!
 Yes, thats right! No need for hasty trips to the airport! NYC's not the only city participating on FNO!
The celebration kicks off in France on September 7th. Then off to the U.S. , Britain, Spain, China, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Russia, India, Greece, Turkey, Taiwan, and Germany!

Fashion's Night Out is a festive night out enjoying having fun with fashion!
Meet A-List designers, beautiful-creatured models,  and have a blast while shopping for good!
I for one, can not wait until this marvelous night comes hitting my city... but with all these 16 countries participating, makes me wanna buy some airplane tickets...
But in the mean time while we oh-so patiently  await for the night (or nights!) of our fashion loving lives, here's a quick recap on FASHION'S NIGHT OUT 2009: IN A FLASH

Alexander Wang at Barneys

Mhm! Mr. Wang!

Author Amanda Brooks signing her  I <3 Your Style novels 

Model (Dominican!) Arlenis Sosa

Free sketches from Club Monaco

Karolina Kurkova in DKNY (happily pregnant!) 

Coco Rocha at Hendri Bendel

Designer Zac Posen spinning and throwing paint on a white dress at Bergdorf Goodman's display window
That was the best window display at Bergdorf's yet!

Well, that was a preview of my Fashion's Night Out. It was a crazy, night, right after school (homework? what homework?) trying to get to every store, mix and mingle with designers, stylists, editors and everyone eating chocolates, popcorn and Salsa dancing at Barneys. All while bumping into towering models and hauling my bookbag and Mathematics B Textbook around the city (run on sentence!) But it was well worth it and I'll be surely doing it again this year! See you there!

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