Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So as I flip through previous issues of Vogue, there have been countless times when I've seen photo shoots involving the grace of a ballerina.
As a former dancer of Eliot Feld's Ballet Tech for five years and a dance major at Talent Unlimited Arts HS,

I could see what so many designers and photographers love to capture.
Dancers and ballerinas seem to extract an essence of effortless beauty and strength.
 The history and roots of dance have grown tremendously ( I know, my teachers make us do research, sorry for the history lesson, but hey, that's where inspiration for so many designers have sprouted).
In the 1700s when the "Romantic Era" took place, ballerina's tutus became lighter and were cut to the ankles to show the dancer's pointe shoes.
Pointe shoes and the lighter tutus were made to give the illusion that the dancers were floating faeries.

Yes, these are the shoes that everyone refers to the "tippy-toe shoes" and yes, they hurt...

Alexander McQueen's last Spring fashion show's wild Armadillo show boots-in the words of the creator were inspired by a "vision of a ballerina standing en pointe" As told in WWD Accessories Spring 2010 issue. "The girls had to be really confident wearing them, they had to wear the shoes, not the other way around" reasoned the designer. These towering 9.4 inch-heeled beasts were far by, the most AMAZING shoes I have ever laid my eyes on...
Arthur Elgort's "Flights of Fancy" photo shoot with Caroline Trentini and the Billy Eliot Boys were featured in Vogue's September 2008 issue, the photo shoot was absolutely so beautiful that for my ballet class project on dance class, I cut out the pictures and pasted them on my poster board. Little did I know Arthur Elgort took a little visit to my high school and saw the pictures on our hallway's bulletin board. "One of your students has my work outside".  It was extremely awestruck that the 2 weeks after I fell in love with the pictures, THE PHOTOGRAPHER came to my high school and talked about it. Yeah, let's say my jaw kept dropping especially after he had a slide show of his past photo shoots, including "Flights of Fancy" and it was amazing the work behind such a beautiful, successful photo shoot can reveal. The design of the modern tutu have been become more and more amazing, as the gorgeous embroideries and jewels lay embedded on the luxurious silks and fabrics. Even the flow of certain fabrics like silks and chiffon or just looking at tulle reminds me of ballerina's tutus. Caroline Trentini makes me want to design a stunning tutu dress and sit on top of my backyard's basketball hoop... she definitely looks like a slam dunk. SCORE!

So, anyhoo... sorry guys! tangent! Even though yes, ballet is breathtakingly elegant and lovely, but when does this ever become, as they say for overplayed songs; "played out, yo!" ?
I mean, it is all beautiful, especially this Cinderella-inspired photo shoot from the Australian Ballet in Harper's Bazaar April 2010 shoot
But, how much can you keep expanding on the view of the ballerina? (Even though, of course, I always love it because dance and fashion incorporated is always a beautiful thing) Yes, I can perfectly see McQueen's view on his Armadillo shoes, but doesn't it all just become, sooner or later, well...cliché? 
Well, the only thing we can wait for is for time to tell. But, even though, I'll always love dance/ballet intertwined with the remarkable world of fashion.

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