Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Julia Butterfly Hill

Yes, she was the girl who stayed in a tree for 738 days in an ancient redwood tree named, Luna and the other redwoods in the forest to protect environmental and social justices. Julia came to The Lower East Side Girls Club to speak to young women about decisions in life and her journey through hers.
She was such a radical woman, who inspired me about taking risks and being the change in the world. Not only was I amazed by her commitment to Luna for 738 days, but this woman was real. She said everything like the way they are heard and they way they should be said. Not only am I a major advocate for the earth and a humanist, but Julia helped me realize further on the importance and value of the human being. There was a quote that she said that really stuck to me:
"We are Ancestors of the future".
It was extremely true. She said, "What legacy are we leaving behind? What legacy do we WANT to leave behind?" And it made me start thinking about what legacy I do want to leave behind...
There so much to do in life, and I do believe that each and every human being in this world has a purpose. I know, I may sound oh-so-preachy, but we need to think about these things. Deeper than the obvious that lies on the surface. If anyone would like to get involved, join here:

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