Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Realization" a rough draft by Cristine Sanchez

I looked up at the sky,while the sun was setting in the west
and I began to look at the clouds and the beautiful colors stretched beyond and over me
as I stood in between the shore and the ocean, listening to the waves crash and its was the most amazing feeling to stand on the sand, awaiting for the waves to come.
it felt as if the ground itself was taking you away and a small smile reached the corners of my lips
I kept my eyes on the clouds, as I felt the water lap against me
and I thought about everything God made and felt a sudden pang of guilt. of all the things I want, there was always something more beautiful surrounding me, just waiting to be appreciated
all I had to do is look and see. the summer breeze whips my hair on my face
So I think about everything I've ever regretted . All the people who I've ever hurt and the people, hurt me and never understood me.of words i wish i can say but never did,and i think,why couldn't i?
i thought of all the distress in the world.
but how? right at this very moment someone is dying,there's pain on this earth,but here i am, a witness to beauty. Breathtaking and I still complain
I think about the pain i've went through and all the happiness too as they flood my memories and I still think about everything,standing here,looking up to the sky, and I almost cried.
for everything that not even words can explain. For even as enduring I can be, there they were. The betraying tears, trickle and run down my cheek, then I went deeper into the water and let the waves kiss away my tears...

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