Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Rooftop on the Met

You know, three-day weekends in 80ish degree weather is like a sneak peek to the summer...what a tease. I took to the city this Memorial Day weekend, visiting museums and exploring more beautiful and hidden parts of the city. I'm not sure if some of you had come to this conclusion to yourself, but no matter how many times you can pass something by, there's always something new you didn't notice before. For example, I was walking through Midtown (which could very likely be the gazillionth time I've walked through Midtown) and I looked up while waiting at a red light; there were so many moments  that I found myself thinking, was that there before? Because of the fact that I have grown to become that   walk-everywhere-quickly-make-this-next-light New Yorker, I don't often look up. 
So it was great to just chill around on the rooftop on the Met and see everything from above. 
"I've reached the top guys!" 
*gasp* Fooling around at the Met
Some good reads at Bryant Park
frozen yogurt: a necessity to staying cool, sane, and satisfied in the heat...

Ah, yes. There's nothing like sitting down at the park after a long walk...
I actually rather not smell neither... allergies from the flowers and asthma from the cigarettes. I deal.

Thank God. Seriously, it sucks when you're trying to relax only to have to move because someone's just clouding up the park with their killer sticks. Isn't it enough that NYC is one of the most polluted parts of the country and the highest number of asthma affected youth? 
Yeah, I'm a part of that statistic. Go away smokers!
may not be a beach sunset, but close enough

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to the troops! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment!! I love your blog heaps! And it's so cool ur from new York! Do u wanna follow each other? Xx andie

Ellinor Forje said...

I feel like packing my bags and going travelling now. Cool photos. Thanks for sharing them and feel free to drop by me too, soon.


verotronik said...

great photos!!!! :D:D: