Thursday, April 14, 2011

S W A G.

Just another regular day in St. Marks Place today, I was actually on my way home when me and my friend just decided not to go home and get off Astor Place for no particular reason. 
Of course I had my camera with me, already strapped over my shoulder, and there's always fabulous people in St. Marks Place....
I saw these awesome guys across the street and I just had to take a photo of their S W A G.
So 80s, I was loving it! I felt like it was a blast from the hip hop past.
As I was introducing myself and complimenting them on their upmost incredible swag, one of the guys (above left) said to me, "I love bloggers, I have such high respect for them" and then went on to compliment my glasses (people must really love My Oliver Peoples frames! I get complimented on them almost all the time...) They were so friendly!
I was loving the flat top...
the rings...
And I'm in search of a backpack! 
I need to find the perfect one!
With so many books to carry in a shoulder bag, my small frame is tilting to one side.
These guys are looking awesome in their backpacks, definitely a trend that I've seen among young people today. When I asked them about this, if they would have seen themselves in these backpacks three years ago, they were hesitant in thought, "I used to always have a Northface, I just got mine last week" one of them replied. 
Style spreads like wildfire indeed!

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