Monday, April 18, 2011

Pastels, Bows, and Flowers-Welcome to Spring

After a night of thunderous rain, the sun (and some bad winds), At last!
The Sun!
I've been extremely busy lately, what with my Dance Concert, my MoMA exhibition, my documentary, and of course, exams at school, I haven't posted any looks in such a long time! 
It's been Midterm week guys, cut me some slack! 
Finally it's Spring Break, let's all hope the "Spring" part of this break will kick into gear.
I'll be flying down to New Orleans tomorrow, with the LESGC, painting murals, doing some community work, and scourging the city. I don't know how the status on internet access will be, but I promise to take you guys on a virtual tour on my trip! It's always awesome to see another way of living after always being here in the city. I haven't traveled much besides Upstate, New Jersey and Florida in the US. Louisiana, get ready! 
Hopefully I'll meet some really cool people and stumble upon some great thrift shops...
Catch me up on what you'll be doing this Spring Break! :)

These have to be the best thrift find ever! I got these $395 Salvatore Ferragamo's for drum roll please...
$7! I actually got TWO pairs, another patent black pair! 
Goes to show that you don't always need loads of money for quality.
Skirt by Topshop
Happy Spring Break!