Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ingredients for Love & Inspiration

Paint & Paintbrushes
Some friends...
And a heart...
Painting was a huge part of my trip to New Orleans this week. From hearts to murals to trucks, you name it! We did everything! Our first project was the "Hearts of the World" project, which brings hearts from all over the world, from Asia to South America to come altogether. The LESGC headed to the Moton Elementary School to start the hearts project. We all had a heart to fill up and paint with things that we love and care about to share with the world. Now that's what I call love!

My finished heart: 
My heart:
Fashion & design
Ice cream
World Peace & our environment 
and of course,
Pretty Provocative
Everyone was able to paint a LESGC and Playworks heart mural on a fence for the school to keep! 
Me, Morton Elementary students, and awesome artist Nicolina who started the "Hearts of the World" project
"You guys can't paint my truck!" Sunflower, the sweetest woman in the South you'll ever meet says. 
The LESGC and I head to Hammond, originally to help Sunflower finish paint her fence when she mentioned she needed her truck painted but was skeptical if we were up to the job. "Why not?" Girls Club responds and we're already getting our white paint to start priming. 
About three to four hours later, we give the truck a few finishing touches when it begins to drizzle. Immediately, we're saving the artwork by shading under a tree and a plastic cover. We manage to save the artwork and Sunflower's favorite new ride. 
We're the Lower East Side Girls Club, who says we can't? 
And last but not least our final project we painted and hung up in a neighborhood near Central City, Louisiana with the Yayas. With painting these murals, we hope that it could brighten and cheer up the neighborhood and to encourage residents to "Get Involved" in making it a safer and better place to live for all. 
A reporter does coverage on the murals near Central City 
Check out the Broadcast here: 
the artists of the "Species Unite" mural and I 

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