Thursday, April 14, 2011

All the more reason to go shopping dear...

Matthew Williamson for Macy's: Impulse
First off, I must say, this is probably one of the most creative and vibrant collaborations I've ever seen. Yesterday, I attended British Designer, Matthew Williamson's launch for Macy's Impulse. Even though Matthew Williamson designed a collection for H&M, I feel this latest collaboration is far by, the best!  It seemed like he had much more freedom with his fun personality! The collection was set up so perfectly, in a party-like setting. The colors, prints, and lightweight fabrics are just my idea for this Spring and Summer! Bring it! 
DJ and model Harley Viera Newton spinning my favorite hits, "Icecream" 
fish and chips like the real British do it!
you always gotta love a good photobooth! :)
The flash from the Press, was blinding, but this picture shows their beautiful eye colors...

Model and icon Dree Hemingway, Matthew Williamson, and singer Kelis

A toast to the new and fabulous collection! 
Me and designer Matthew Williamson
Singer Kelis performs "Milkshakes" and "Acapella" to the bustling crowd
These accessories on Kelis' tights were so interesting! They caught my eye from afar!
Dree Hemingway modeling for Matthew Williamson's collection for Macy's 
Dree Hemingway and I :)

At Matthew Williamson's launch for Macy's Impulse, model and icon Dree Hemingway joins the British designer during this fabulous event to deliver Pretty Provocative readers a personal message!

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verotronik said...

so jealous!! I wish I could buy this collection!!! so great clothes!