Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lord & Taylor: The Ultimate Celebration

A large crowd was forming outside of the store on 39th street and 5th. I heard the sound of a band playing... almost like a marching band. As I'm waiting for the light to change, I see the flash of the cameras and more and more people crowding around the store's main entrance. Not waiting a single second, I dashed across the street right before another car can zip by and possibly take me away with it.

While a band played, these beautiful ladies in their gorgeous rose dresses danced (probably on some really high chair or something. They were tall as you can see:)
these pictures were in motion, so I couldn't get a clear shot... 
I fumbled around my bag, crushing my hands against my books and possibly tonight's homework, for my Canon, changing the settings on the camera, not waiting to miss a single second of action.
So, I was totally loving Lord & Taylor's current flower theme. If only I could have this outfit for Halloween
They were awesome. I wondered how tired they got by the end of the night. 
Answer: VERY.
Loved their makeup. I think it's er... upside down proof?
these guys were great. They really got the crowd going !

It was like Fashion's Night Out at Barney's. I loved it.
there was food...

and drinks...
on practically every floor!
I conquered a new skill when you are at an event and there's food in your hands and while trying to snap pictures
What's food without deserts?
Half strawberry, half  vanilla, covered in chocolate. YUMM!
treats for the road ;)
Up on the 4th floor, was an exclusive blogger lounge where bloggers everywhere had the opportunity to interview celebs and interact with other bloggers.
Whose idea  was this because it was GENIUS!
Actress and former model, Denise Richards 
"Both of my daughters are involved in the performing arts, so I think it's important to help preserve it"
she responded during my interview

Blogger & Guest Styles:
shoes familiar? :) available at  LF stores
loved her necklace!
an old designer collaboration from Target
there was just fabulous! Almost everything they have on is thrifted. 
That's what I'm talking about.

Upon asking what advice would she give to an inspiring artist, she responded:
" Be different. Be unique. People will break you down and tell you you can't do it"
she was such a sweetheart !
Hot leopard shoes by Prada
"Fashion is fun!" she replies on what she believes what fashion means to her.

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