Sunday, October 17, 2010

I think I need to make a "Gallery Style" category...

Currently in works of my first documentary (more coming up soon!)  with Reel Lives and The LESGC, I practiced my pitch for my film idea to many people in attendance at an opening for a Cuban art gallery. 
The gallery was quite dim, so sorry if the pictures aren't as great quality as usual. I'm not really a fan of flash because it makes the subject and the background so uneven. Natural lighting always works best for me. Unless I had a lighting umbrella (of which I don't).
I had to make some people walk over to stand under the few florescent lights in the apartment looking room. I guess that was when I started biting on my lip when they hesitantly agreed. I don't like to cause discomfort... 
Working with the small amount of light I had, I snapped some pictures of some fashionable guests...
Tie dye one-piece? Loving it. I asked to snap her picture while she was nibbling on some of the refreshments at the show.
Loved the girl's shoes on the left. Black is always in.
I definitely  loved the jacket of the girl on the right. The popped collar and her styling really showed that you can wear a big coat without getting swallowed up in it.
I absolutely  loved her frames  and her urban cool  look.  Denim jackets make everything look 10x cooler.

Stephanie Dodes (above), a friend of my teacher for Reel Lives, helped me develop my pitch and ideas for my documentary. She was awesome and it was great to meet her! I look forward to working with her in the future (which I hear I will, soon enough :)

"Probably a thrift store like everything else I get"

This was the response after asking Anna where she got this beautiful, 40s vintage dress. 

"You  have to show underneath the sleeves!" 
she said while I was trying to find some setting on my camera to make the picture less dark (that doesn't include flash, if you've been paying attention :)
Yes Indeed (pictured above) .

These awesome pants remind me of Stephen Sprouse...
Yes, that's a Canon G11 hanging from her shoulder. Our cameras should become friends :)

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