Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lipsy London & Bloomingdales

So, I'm savoring probably the best cotton candy ever as I blog about today's newest event.
 Lipsy London, the hot British label comes to America!
Specifically, debuting it's collection at Bloomingdale's Soho with special guest, Stephanie Pratt, from MTV reality show, The Hills. While bobbing my head and lip singing to MGMT in between bites of yummy cupcakes and sips okay, more like swigs. I was so thirsty) from Pomegranate Vitamin water, I snapped photos of today's awesome event!
(finishes up cotton candy) I think I've officially spoiled my dinner.

Stephanie Pratt from The Hills at the Lipsy London debut at Bloomingdales

signing autographs

I love cupcakes, they're always served at almost every event!

thank God for the Vitamin  Water they gave out. I was parched all day

Stephanie getting interviewed for MTV News.  This picture is amusing ;)
Make sure to check out the interview at as Stephanie talks about The Hills to Twilight (seriously, she's a fan! :)

And of course, how could I not take photos of the stylish guests?
loved her feather combination, especially the one earring! and the print tights with those amazing shoes !
shoes in action!
These shoes are to die for! They remind me of Doc Marten clogs...
& some Lipsy London pieces:
I'm calling this the little ballerina dress
loved the orange dress! The intricate design on top was beautiful!

The candy wagon. Also known as Heaven on wheels...
It was like early trick-or-treating ;)

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aww man i kinda wish i went to the event cause the cupcakes and candy look tasty haha