Monday, September 6, 2010

My Fall/Winter Inspirations for 2010

Ah, yes! Fall is here! One of my favorite seasons of the year.
I always love this time of year when the weather's not too hot or too cold. Although some August heat may linger in September, fear not for October and November will surely bring out the fall love!
I recently made a Fall/Winter Inspiration board, or should I say Inspiration "heart" of my fall/winter inspirations

So why is fall one of my favorite season's you may ask?
The layers! The change of the fabulous season and the start of something new!
Speaking of new, yes, we all know.
The New Black:  
Photo credit: Jonty Davis & Marie Claire
the pale, nude undertones are back for this fall!
& let us not forget our other fall trend:
Photos courtesy of
Atten-tion! This polished look is taking over this season! I'm liking this trend!  
"the military trend creates the idea of a fashion army that conquers the world with strong, sexy woman"
-Anouck Lepere in Marie Claire

I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to get back to writing on my blog. 
Fear not! I'm back to update Pretty Provocative!

With working at the Lower East Side Girls Club for Girls Gone Green, I've further  informed myself, and others,  about how to eat healthier and taking care of our environment. I know, we all say the same, "Go Green!" type of thing, but do we actually do it? I have taken my part and have been recycling at home since I can remember. Perhaps it's time for some to adapt to healthier, say, more greener, lifestyles?
Half way through my summer, I headed up to the Fresh Air Fund's Camp Mariah, in all it's wonderful, camp-goodness, and became a half-counselor. I wasn't a camper, but I wasn't fully staff. This is known as a CAP Teen. Like in the middle of the whole camp structure.

Naturally, I was assigned as a Teacher's Assistant for fashion class.
In the fashion room at camp on the last day. Yeah, I made that :)
After my experience as a TA for fashion  and a CAP Teen, I learned a great deal of responsibility and love for the kids, the work I did, the camp, and it's opportunities.

It was through the Fresh Air Fund that I attended my first Mercedes-Benz Fashion show in Bryant park, about 2 years ago for Tracy Reese.  A fabulous show it was!
Well, I came back halfway through August, just getting prepared to wrap up my summer seeing friends and what not. With school starting tomorrow (ahh!), I'm actually excited to get this year going!
And with the money I made, I (finally!) finally bought my Canon Powershot G11
I thought a good quality camera was essential for my photography skills! 
Especially for Pretty Provocative.
Here's to a happy, successful, and fashionable year!

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