Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bookmark? Nooo. Bookmarc

Who's ready to go back to school on a fashionable note?
I, for one, am definitely ready!
Just opened this weekend, on Bleecker and West 11th street, Bookmarc replaces the once known, Biography Book Shop. The shop is stocked of a variety of cute and quirky items such as Marc Jacobs colored pencils, postcards, notebooks, and budget friendly back to school items for students under $30.
Bookmarc on a view from Bleecker

I'm loving this one!

& nothing's complete without a tote bag!My new school tote !  I'm definitely snagging one of these! 
You can look forward to book signings soon and a performance by a singer this October.
Robert Duffy, Marc Jacob's business partner says a Marc Jaocbs cafe is in the works. They're looking "uptown". There are no further details. 
Marc Jacobs world domination is just getting started.

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