Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello Bombshell!

Yesterday at Victoria's Secret  in Soho:

Hey it's DJ  Sky Nellor...again :)
In  release  of their new fragrance, "Bombshell" , Victoria's Secret held an  autograph  signing event with a purchase  of $40 from anything of the newest "Bombshell" collection. 
There were no pictures allowed in the store, hence, the window pictures of the models. 
As I was snapping pictures, a woman came behind me and my friend, and asked if I wanted the model's autographs, (yeah!) she then gave me her receipt and her Victoria's Secret bag to make it seem as if I had made the $40 purchase. Her friend gave my friend her bag and receipt too :)
How nice of them! I was also a little surprised she trusted us with their purchases, just because of the reason that we didn't even know each other. See? We can trust strangers now and then! Haha! The models were gorgeous!
Oh, Wasn't I in luck?

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