Thursday, October 25, 2012

Elie Tahari & Bloomigdales 1 Year Anniversary!

Designer Elie Tahri, me and my fab friend Nastasia from FIT

Presented by Bloomingdale's Fashion Director, Stephanie Solomon, we celebrated Elie Tahari's one year anniversary at Bloomingdales by a runway fashion event. Of course there was champagne and hors d'oeuvres involved. Now who doesn't like that with a runway event by one of the most amazing designers? His latest collection this fall is filled with great faux furs, lots of leather and of course his amazing cut and detail flattering to every woman! 
Elie Tahari Fall 2012 Catalog Campaign
Well, that explains why I love him so much! 

 Loved this blouse! 
Not only is it a great color, but the way it was flowy on the runway made it all the more dreamy! 
"Leather is a staple in every woman's Elie Tahari closet!"-Stephanie Solomon 
Clearly we had a good time! 
It was so great to meet Elie Tahari! Not only is he an amazing designer who knows his customer and makes the best clothes for every woman, every size and shape but he's such a sweet person! 
He took the time to meet and greet every one of his customers. That one of the most important things to me whenever I'm meeting someone who I look up to or influences me in any way. 
Friendliness; it goes a long way! Great meeting Elie Tahari and congrats on your one year anniversary at Bloomigdales! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next! 

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