Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Glamour Magazine: 2012 Women of the Year Awards!

I must say, there is no night like the Glamour Awards that inspires me (and yes, maybe even tear a bit) like no other night. Cheesy, I know. But trust me, if you're sitting down listening about a woman who got acid poured on her face as a punishment from her husband, choking up a little inside, is almost inevitable. Of course there's more than horrid stories like those that make you feel inspired to do something, but what gets me every year at the Glamour Awards are the woman who are actually doing something to change an issue in the world. The stories of people suffering from abuse and rape-it gives me a reason to keep fighting for something and that there are people who are fighting for their causes everyday. 

Truly inspiring for me; everyday I'm trying to find what causes really speak to me. Right now, the environment and woman's rights issues (thanks to Eve Ensler for helping me find my real, inner feminism!). At times I feel so overwhelmed with the atrocities our world is facing and the people suffering along with it, I get this urge to stop everything I'm doing and make it my mission to save the Amazon and stand up against the woman in the Congo. But I know my crusade will take its time in arriving as I tread my days at school. 
Now, don't get me wrong; I love school and everyday I'm grateful to even receive an education unlike some people who don't even have access to books, but I get this antsy feeling that if I don't go out into the world and do something to change it-I'll just be like everyone else who thinks they'll make change...eventually. I know that may sound incredibly irrational or maybe not. It's my inner emotional creature. As Eve would say, "You don't tell the Atlantic Ocean to Behave".
Enough of my "I want to save the world" rant; 
check out the photos from this year's Glamour Women of the Year Award Show!
Me and my girl Alia!

Phillip Phillips performing? Me and Alia singing along to every word of his song? (close! ha!) Check.

Dress: Zac Posen and totally not cool & embarrassing bra strap by PINK
After the show, I headed to the Emotional Creature Opening After Party (which by the way, you should totally go check out here) where we mingled with the actors, celebs and had some  hors d'oeuvres. Definitely the best way to end the night with my girls!
Oh and did I mention that the one and only Gloria Steinem was there?
And that I was having a totally "OMG" moment the second I identified her? 
Yep. She was so sweet and I had to thank her for all the amazing things she did for us woman in the world. It was so ironic being that I had just came from the Glamour Awards and she was honored at last year's show. While I spoke with her, she told me I was the future of my generation and that her legacy lives on in the world with girls like me in it. Gloria Steinem, one of the most legendary, pioneers of the feminist movement of history told me I was going to change the world...
Life is made.
See? My "I want to change the world" was confirmed that night! 
Oh, but of course the Glamour Goodie bags are the best every year!
Had such an amazing night, as I do every year since my first Glamour awards show back in 2006;
ladies, we got the power and these woman are here to prove it! 
Pick up Glamour's Women of the Year issue available NOW! 

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