Sunday, June 20, 2010

Model Agyness Deyn bares it all

People are buzzing about Model Agyness Deyn’s summer cut.
“You can hide behind hair and I felt I’d had enough,” says Deyn. Her new low-to-no-maintenance cut, she says, “It’s fun and easy, and I wanted something new.” 
She always manages to pull off anything. Even when long, luscious, locks were rocking down runways, out emerges Agyness, with her short, pixie-cut hair. 
Deyn goes down to Freemans’ F.S.C. Barber — the old-school men’s barber/haberdasher stylishly tucked away in an alley on the Lower East Side—and pulled up a chair. “They were like, ‘Agyness, we only do guys’ cuts,’ ” she remembers. “I said, ‘That’s alright. I just want it all off.’ ” 
“I feel more feminine, having no hair.” says Deyn.
And she looks stunning. 
How will you be cooling off for summer?

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