Monday, June 4, 2012

The Fresh Air Fund Spring Benefit 2012!

This week, I had the honor of being able to speak at The Fresh Air Fund's Spring Benefit, hosted by Hoda Kotb, where I introduced Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen with their award as our "American Heroes". Giants NFL player, Victor Cruz was also being honored. It was the first time I have ever given a speech to so many; over 800 people! Guests included designers Richard Chai, Peter Som, and Thakoon Panichgul among many other celebs, actors and major Fresh Air Fund supporters who made this night possible! Thank you to all for supporting The Fresh Air Fund!
Designer Peter Som & Actress Cody Horn and I 
Check out the hair 'do!
Victor Cruz and Joseph who presented the Giant's player with his award
Victor Cruz and Executive Director of The Fresh Air Fund; Jenny Morgenthau
Aren't these the coolest center pieces you've ever seen?!?!
Editor-In-Chief of Seventeen Magazine, Ann Shoket & I 
Host of the night's benefit; Hoda Kotb! 
Director of the FAF Career Awareness Program aka the best boss ever
Lynn Yaeger and I got that Fresh Air spirit! ;)
Victor Cruz & I
Okay, so maybe I hyperventilated a little bit when I met Colton Haynes from MTV's Teen Wolf
He was extremely nice and my God, is he even more handsome in person! *melts*
Giving my speech that night was probably the most rewarding and memorable things I have ever done. I was speaking in front of such a large and quite an important audience that night and I was definitely nervous. But I knew how much I loved The Fresh Air Fund and this was my chance to let everyone in that room know how much the experience has changed my life. I was nervous at first, but I just got more comfortable and decided I was going to have fun with it. And I did.
So many people came up to me to compliment me on my speech, some even told me they cried! I was so excited; I got offered 4 internships after my speech! No words can explain the feeling I had that night. It was so great to be able to move such a large crowd with honest words. I am living proof of everything The Fresh Air Fund has done and provided for me, and I was going to make sure that I showed that through my speech.
 Presenting Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen their award was such an honor! They were so sweet when I met them 2 weeks before when I visited them in their offices with some of the other FAF kids.

 The feeling was like presenting an award at something like a VMA or Grammy (haha!)
I absolutely adore these people
Ending the night on a sweet note! 

Here's to the best & most memorable night of my life!

Thank you The Fresh Air Fund for everything you've done for me & everyone who supports and supported us that night! 


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