Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Never Settle for Less.

"chillin' with no makeup on"
Trial and error is what I can relate 2011 to. I've always considered myself to be a strong and rather independent person (I think it's a Leo thing) and even the times that I didn't feel this way, I made it my duty to pick myself up. I am proud of myself. I made my own decisions this year, even if that meant sacrificing comfort. I don't regret leaving others behind for the sake of my own path. I learned and am learning my failures. I'll fail bigger and greater if that's what it takes to be stronger. 
2011, you thought you could get me down, I've stared betrayal, pain, and death in its face, took a deep breath and stood up. I laugh at you now for doubting my abilities. My strengths. Refuse to settle is my motto. This past week, on Tuesday morning, I almost lost my life. I was hit and run over by a truck that could've taken my life away as fast as it's speedometer. Someone was watching over me because they know there's something meant for me to do here. I made it through high school without the drugs, sex, pregnancies, and alcohol. Why? Because I have a purpose to fulfill and I'm willing to do whatever it takes, face whatever it takes, to find it. 2011, I was elected student body president, completed my first documentary, and learned things that would last me a lifetime.
I'm thankful for the amazing people who've been and are in my life. Everyone and everything you encounter is for a reason. To teach you a lesson or help you discover something you never knew. Even though I'm in bed with a cast right now, this is the beginning of something new (ironic my accident happened in 2012). I’ve sent out all my applications to colleges, 12 universities and 6 CUNYs. I’m learning to accept rejection and reject acceptation. I am who I am and whatever school takes me, I’ll make the decision if I take them.

My name is Cristine Sanchez and I shape the life I want.
Photos by the amazing, Alberto Vargas 
Thanks for everything Alberto!


Rhapsodyàlacrème said...

i hear that christine! hope to see you during NYFW

Nicole said...

What a great post! I hope you're OK and getting better from your accident.

Nicole D.
The Owl Girl